Big Event: Pennsylvania State Capitol at Noon on Saturday! Be There!

The reconquest of America is moving forward at breakneck pace!

The next big event in our schedule is at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg on Saturday at noon.

Nick Fuentes will be there.

I am also told that many more of your favorite e-celebrities will be there.

Ethan Ralph hasn’t made the decision yet, but I suspect he will go. Baked Alaska and Steel Puma will be there.

But it doesn’t matter who will be there if you’re not there! You need to be there! This is history in the making! Imagine 30 years from now, when whatever is going to happen has already happened – how are you going to feel if you didn’t do absolutely everything in your power to fight for America?

No excuses!

You are going to have a blast, and you are going to be doing the most important work that anyone on earth has ever done, save for Jesus himself!

This country is only ours if we keep it! Possession is 9/10ths of the law!

We need to possess at ten tenths!

Be there!

I demand it!

For God and Country!