Biden’s UN Ambassador Says the Constitution is White Supremacy


How convenient!

Surprise, goyim!


New York Post:

UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the Human Rights Council that “the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents,” as the Biden administration lobbies the body to readmit the United States.

Thomas-Greenfield made the remarks while delivering a speech at a virtual National Action Network conference Wednesday, where she argued that the “imperfect union” of America must approach issues of “equity and justice at the global scale … with humility.”

“We have to acknowledge that we are an imperfect union — and have been since the beginning — and every day we strive to make ourselves more perfect, and more just. In a diverse country like ours, that means committing to do the work,” the US ambassador to the UN said.

She told the “human rights” body, which includes China, Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, that the United States needed to “engage trailblazing groups like yours” in order to “improve.”

Where do we go from here? The planet is a gunboat in a sea of fear.

They brought in the CIA, and –

Well, where we go is here: the United Nations.

The plan, which we understand, is for the United States to surrender sovereignty to this organization.

In order for that to happen, the remaining institutions of the country have to be fully undermined.

It’s not a coincidence that the person sent to represent the US at the UN is one of the first top government agents saying that the foundations of America are not viable for a multicultural state.

This is all planned out, you see!

You can understand everything that is happening within one singular understanding:

There is a globalist, satanic and primarily Jewish plan to install a one-world government, which is ruled by a tiny, totalitarian elite. The elite believe that they are going to meld with machines and become immortal. These people are satanic pedophiles, basically, which is why they’re so afraid to die.

Crashing out the rest of America is apparently not going to be very difficult.

Maybe we had a chance with that big orange guy, whatever his name was, but after the coronavirus hoax, there are no chances left.

This ship is definitely sinking. It’s also on fire. The thing is, as it sinks, the water it is sinking into is going to put out the fire. In that strained analogy, the water is the “global order” which is based on a high tech control grid, and the fire is all this bullshit everywhere.

How strained even is that analogy?

It’s actually a pretty good analogy.

The fire absolutely will be put out by this control network, with the tracking and tracing, the 5G real time location mapping, various robots… it will clear out the problems created by black violence.

There is also no doubt some mass drugging program involved here, and possibly some agenda to use microwave energy to nullify people’s thoughts.

2015 Study:

I’m not a 5G kook, but if you think it wouldn’t be possible to broadcast a microwave energy signal that made it difficult for people to think straight, then you don’t know what is possible.

The Chinese are doing studies on this and saying they don’t know how the existing MW in the environment are affecting people’s ability to think straight. These are peer-reviewed studies, I’m not making this up.

2017 Study: 

This gives a whole new meaning to “psychic control grid,” no???

The US already deploys “active denial” microwave heat weapons and various other directed frequency weapons, such as LRAD.

These people are coercing you into taking an experimental gene therapy treatment and talking about blocking out the sun. Do you think they wouldn’t use microwave radiation to disrupt people’s thoughts?

Point being, whether they use MW thought disruption or not, they have a plan to create total chaos and then fix the chaos with a high-tech police state control grid.

The only real issue standing in the way of this agenda is the fact that Russia and China are not playing ball.

The ideal scenario at this point would be for Xi Jinping to convert to Christianity and then declare Holy War on Islam and Satanism.

But that probably won’t happen, so we’re just going to have to roll with the punches here.

Whatever happens, you can’t have a New World Order with both the current Russian and Chinese governments standing.

This is why you see all these troop movements and tension escalations.

The sad fact is that America is already doomed.

You can’t do abortions and child homosexuality and expect not to face the wrath of God eventually.

People need to get out of the cities, lay low, wait for the collapse of civilization.

Civilization is going to collapse – I can tell you that much.

This is all a gigantic, bizarre psychodrama, it is vanity, it is a satanic conspiracy.

May Christ have mercy on us all.