Biden’s Putin Summit was the Ultimate Disaster, Several Bizarre Moments with Press

Vaxxy Joe Biden’s meeting with Vladimir Putin was mostly secret. There was no audio, but there were a few small clips of their sit down that were shown. At one point, Biden was seen checking his note cards.

During the solo press conference that Biden did after the meeting (the shared press conference was canceled), Biden referred to Putin as “President Trump.”

There was a short lucid period there that the usual suspects are passing around, where he did the “it’s our values to force you to do things because our values is that we’re an idea” bit.

Also during that press conference – after attacking Putin for allegedly “not having a free press,” Biden explained that he would only be taking questions from reporters he was told to call on. (This didn’t even seem like a slip up – it seems like he was told to just say that part out loud now, to make it look like the other times he said it, it was on purpose.)

But you know what was truly epic? When he put his aviator sunglasses on at the end of that press conference.

So cool.

The most viral clip going around is from after the press conference. Biden is seen yelling at a CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins. It made it clear why in the press conference setting, the old man only takes questions from reporters he’s told to call on.

Biden later apologized for “being such a wise guy.”

Biden then told reporters that he was not going to negotiate with them.

One of the journalists there outside the plane suggested Biden stop rambling and get on the plane, but he did not. It would have been better if he had. I’m not sure where Doctor Jill was.

Biden was then recorded being filmed arriving at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where he did a really good job of walking down the plane stairs. He remembered to salute the marine and everything.

All in all, this whole thing was about as big of a disaster as could possibly ever exist.

Biden is a complete mess, and it will be hard now for journalists to continue to cover up that fact.

It is likely that at this point, the media itself is going to start to shift into calling for Biden to step down and do the handover to Kamala Harris.

Immediately after the disaster, the media was trying to spin it as a win.

But I doubt that will be the narrative going forward. It’s just too silly. And I think everyone is getting nervous that the old man is getting caught slipping every other minute he’s on video.