Biden’s January 6 Speech was Really Menacing, So It’s Good Nancy’s Song Broke the Tension

I don’t know why anyone would talk like this unless they were part of some kind of terroristic campaign.

It’s not a normal way to talk.

Kamala was possibly even worse.

Was it really like 9/11 when that guy with the horns walked around after the cops invited him into the Capitol?

Is this insane?

At least Nancy Pelosi did a song.

That reminded of why I love democracy. Or why I hate black people. Whatever. I felt a strong feeling, whatever it was. I have trouble differentiating at this point.

Do people identify with this message?

Can you really keep this hate against white people going when Donald Trump is MIA, and every time he makes it IA, all he does is shill the vax?

These people are not competent. They are weird. They have total power and they’ve chosen to just act really wacky, and do all these kooky things, then go around looking like they don’t know what is even going on, then hype up nonsense.

It’s weird.

Folks, what is really like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor is my energy levels today.

Saturday Ebonics just became Sunday Ebonics – and for good reason.

The day I ran out of 5-Hour Energy and the store didn’t have any more is a date that will resonate through history. 1/8. The day some mask faggot at 7/11 said he already checked the back for 5-Hour Energy and there isn’t any.

Folks, this is like the Civil War. I feel like someone blasted a cannon through my energy gauge.