Biden’s First Trillion Dollar Fake Infrastructure Bill Going Through! PRINT IT, BABY!

Joe Biden should change his name to “Joe Bitcoin.”

God bless his senile, confused, plastic surgery face.


The Senate voted Wednesday to advance a bipartisan infrastructure plan, a critical step toward Democrats passing their sweeping economic agenda.

Senators voted 67-32 to push the bill forward; 17 Republicans and all 50 Democrats voted yes.

The vote opens the process to debate and amend the proposal, which would put $550 billion into transportation, broadband and utilities. While senators who backed the procedural motion could oppose a final package, Wednesday’s vote bodes well for its chances of passage.

The deal came together earlier in the day after Democratic and Republican negotiators resolved disputes over transit and broadband funding, among other issues. The plan was trimmed from the $579 billion in new spending senators and the White House agreed to last month — a sum many Democrats considered paltry.

Republicans are so based.

They’re saying $550 billion, but it’s estimated it will actually be $1 trillion, which means it will in real life be closer to $3 trillion.

Their official number for current bills is $3.5 trillion, which means it will be about $10 trillion.

Supporters of the bill have hailed it as a needed investment that will boost the economy as the U.S. tries to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. Democrats still face a range of pitfalls as they try to get the bipartisan bill and their separate $3.5 trillion spending package to President Joe Biden’s desk in the coming months.

The plan of course is for the price of real estate and speculative stocks to match the murder rate in terms of total increase – everything doubles every year.

This is called “monetization.” Real estate and stocks are being monetized because the dollar is being so rapidly devalued.

But you can’t go without money forever.

And there is money on the table, ready to be picked up – sound money, which cannot be devalued through printing more of it, and which does not rely on the infrastructure of the banking cartel.

It’s called “Bitcoin.”

The proposition of Bitcoin is now becoming so intensely obvious that it simply is not possible that it can be ignored by any institution through this next round of massive virus spending.

But what is “inflation”?


We might have “large inflation” or we might have “hyperinflation,” but there is going to be a massive increase in the cost of everything. Anyone who is stuck holding the bag is simply being robbed by the US federal government.

Gold is frankly not performing that well through this money printing spree that started last year. That’s probably because gold is not very practical, and anyone who would buy gold is buying crypto instead.

The obvious plan by the government is to completely devalue the currency as a way to further loot the middle class, and then to replace it with a government UBI allowance token that will be linked to your coronavirus app.

But they are going to allow the smart ones to get away with Bitcoin. They have no other choice at this point. Billionaires have to be able to invest in something. Bill Gates bought up all the farmland, but everyone can’t do that.

The king shitbag himself is trying to save his thin skin by getting back in the game.


“Tomahawk Cunt” is trying to scalp Bitcoin. But you can’t scalp sound money.

First she said it was changing the weather, then that was disproven, now she says it’s going to disrupt the poor precious and persecuted Wall Street Jews. They didn’t survive being turned into a bar of soap only to be disrupted by magic internet money.

She also says that adult people are little children who have to have their decisions made for them by the mommy government. The people are too stupid to know that Bitcoin is a fraud, so they must be protected from it.

“Stupid little child, you cannot buy that sound money – you must accept this shitty fake fiat money from the government that we are devaluing to transfer wealth to the Jews.”

That fits in line with the entire censorship idea – that people need to be protected from ideas that could control their behavior, and only given ideas that will control their behavior in the way the government wants.

But somehow, this socialism doesn’t bother the Republicans. They only care about socialism in Cuba. Or as I like to call it: Koo-ba.


Here’s a lesson for that Tomahawk cunt:

Choose wisely, Tomahawk, because your own retards are noticing you trying to loot them for the sake of Wall Street Jews.


I don’t give financial advice. But I do always give this piece of advice: don’t be a retard.