Biden’s Bold Message: “We Cannot Win This Reelection. We Can Only Reelect Donald Trump.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2020

Joe Biden is cutting through malarkey like a hot knife through butter.

His latest message to voters is that he cannot win, and the only option is to reelect Donald Trump.

“We cannot win this reelection, we can only reelect Donald Trump,” the presumptive Democrat nominee told a dejected crowd in Missouri over the weekend.

This brutal honesty is in line with his strict policy against malarkey. He’s going to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, and the truth is we cannot win this reelection, so we have to reelect Donald Trump.

It’s a hard pill for some to swallow.

But knowing he’s going to lose frees Biden up to take a lot of risks that he wouldn’t otherwise want to take. He also can make the compelling argument, “you might as well vote for me, because I’m going to lose anyway.”

Although Biden has totally given up hope of winning the election, he is still telling people to join him.

He said to his believers, “if you want to elect a Democrat, an O-Biden-Bama Democrat, join us.”

And join him we will.

Because he is our only hope to push back the rising wave of malarkey that threatens to bury us all.

You might as well vote for him. He’s going to lose anyway.

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