Biden’s Agenda has Totally Collapsed

It is really silly to come in on a wave of total authoritarian control of the entire government and a hardcore globalist agenda, and then to end up, less than a year later, struggling to explain yourself.

There are no competent people around Joe Biden. The whole thing is just a total mess.


President Joe Biden is entering a crucial two weeks for his ambitious agenda, racing to conclude contentious congressional negotiations ahead of both domestic deadlines and a chance to showcase his administration’s accomplishments on a global stage.

Biden and his fellow Democrats are struggling to bridge intraparty divides by month’s end to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a larger social services package. The president hopes to nail down both before Air Force One lifts off for Europe on Oct. 28 for a pair of world leader summits, including the most ambitious climate change meeting in years.

But that goal has been jeopardized by fractures among Democrats, imperiling the fate of promised sweeping new efforts to grapple with climate change. There’s also rising anxiety within the party about a bellwether gubernatorial contest in Virginia and looming Senate fights over the federal debt limit and government funding that could distract from getting the president’s agenda across the finish line.

Biden is trying to stabilize his presidency after a difficult stretch marked by the tumultuous end of the Afghanistan war, a diplomatic spat with a longtime ally and a surge in COVID-19 cases that rattled the nation’s economic recovery and sent his poll numbers tumbling.

His team has continued its strategy — one that served it well during the campaign and earlier this year — of blocking out the outside noise to stay focused on a singular mission, this time to pass the two-part package that will give Democrats a platform on which to run in next year’s midterm elections.

“These bills, in my view, are literally about competitiveness versus complacency, about opportunity versus decay, and about leading the world or continuing to let the world move by us,” Biden said Friday while pushing the legislation in Connecticut.

Things are going to keep getting worse and worse, and people are going to be less and less happy about it.

So you’d think that the government would want to be able to function smoothly, so as to not have to directly deal with any kind of backlash from the public.

It’s just kind of confusing why they can’t seem to make anything work. I would think that Obama would have brought his people in, or whatever. You’d think there has to be someone capable of handling this situation.

Biden is always a mess. As his commandants joke about how you won’t be able to celebrate Christmas, either because of a virus or because there’s no stuff, he’s out there talking about how he’s going to force democracy on the world.

One half of the media seems to be getting actually angry about the situation, and then other half is praising the kindly sweetness of old Grandpa Joe.

You still see a bit of the old “at least he’s not like the orange man” stuff too.

I guess they’re mostly just counting on a coming “dark winter,” where there will be a hard lockdown and an excuse to shove everything through in an authoritarian manner.