Biden Will Spend the Remaining Week Before the Election Taking Naps and Watching His Stories

Joe Biden isn’t going to have so much time to nap and watch his stories once he’s president.

He should spend the remaining time he has as a civilian resting up.

Being president is a big and busy job.

George Trump is a big meanie and an elderly abuser. George Trump doesn’t even sacrifice a third of the screen for a sign linguist. George Trump thinks the deaf should have to learn to read subtitles.

George says this is the first time someone’s called him George in a long time.

He should just shut up, man!

Fox News:

The November election is just about one week away, but Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has no campaign events scheduled on Monday, even as President Trump heads to Pennsylvania looking to erase the former vice president’s lead.

The Trump campaign has frequently taken aim at Biden for his lack of campaign events — Trump has dubbed his Democratic opponent “basement Joe” — and reiterated that criticism on Monday.

Although the Biden campaign has not advertised any campaign events on Monday, the candidate is expected to visit several swing states in the days ahead, starting with a visit to Georgia on Tuesday.

Trump’s back-to-back rallies in Allentown, Lititz and Martinsburg, Pa., come just eight days before the Nov. 3 election.

An average of polls by RealClearPolitics shows Biden with a solid lead nationally, although it’s tighter in the key battleground states candidates need to win to reach 270 electoral votes — including Pennsylvania.

The national poll numbers don’t matter, even if they’re real – and they obviously aren’t.

Thankfully, we have a thing called the Electoral College, which weights areas of the country to ensure that a certain small number of heavily populated areas don’t make all the decisions about the way the country is governed. It’s a brilliant system that is more relevant now than when it was invented, when there is such a massive thought-divide between the rootless, urbanized populations and the rural populations with a connection to the land and to other people (which is specifically why the Electoral College is getting attacked more by leftists now than ever before).

Furthermore, the pollsters have stopped doing polls since the Hunter Biden email leaks, which the media continues to lie about. They’re actually admitting to lying about them.

There have only been two national polls since the debate, which is when most people first heard about the Hunter Biden scandal – and Trump won one of the two!

They’re not reporting that much, are they?

But yes: Trump won a major Rasmussen national poll after the debate.

The New York Post stories about the laptop are still banned from Twitter, according to several D-list celebrities.

Biden might be nowhere to be seen, but this ugly slut is out on the TV saying that Biden isn’t really going to gut the “fossil fuel” industry.

As of today, I’m feeling good about the election.

I think Trump is going to do well enough on election night that he can claim victory. Despite the media demanding that Trump not be allowed to claim victory on the internet, it’s obvious that if Trump does claim victory, the media doesn’t really have the ability to hide that from the public. I mean, if YouTube and Twitter start deleting videos of the president claiming victory, that is just going to be too much. They won’t be able to sustain that position. That’s a level of control they will have in a couple years, but they don’t have it yet.

There’s a lot that can happen in 8 days, so any predictions made right now are not worth a whole lot. I have a feeling there may be a surprise left. Although it can’t be a Hunter Biden laptop surprise – Steve Bannon’s chinks dumped all that. (No, Hunter isn’t a pedophile and he isn’t having sex with his own sister – please stop saying that, you’re just making us all look like a bunch of morons.)

Ultimately though, if Trump doesn’t claim victory, and allows them to start playing these games with the mail-in ballots, he will lose. So that’s for sure the number one thing he needs to avoid.

My single piece of advice to the Trump Team right now at this dire juncture is this:

You’ve been playing the Village People’s “Macho Man” at every Trump event, and that’s good. However, I think it is time to switch it up a little bit. At some of the rallies this week, instead of the original version, you should play the “Nacho Man” remix version, which was used in commercials in the 1990s for Old El Paso chunky salsa.

That’s how you win the Hispanic vote.