Biden Owns the Road in Surreal New Car-Themed Campaign Video

Well, I’ve cracked.

I’m voting for Joe Biden.

As soon as I saw him looking so cool in those aviators, saying, “God could my dad drive a car,” I was like, “okay, I’ve cracked. Biden it is.”

This is absolutely the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Joe Biden has again topped it, just like he did with that video of a speech at George Floyd’s funeral.

I’m just – like, hold on here – like, in the middle of all of this that’s going on, I am just so happy that there is this video of Joe Biden, who is completely senile and deranged, with the flaps of skin all rolling off his arms like bags of soup, talking about how he’s really into sports cars.

I just don’t even really have any idea what to say at this point.

We’ve gone through the looking glass into a black hole and created some kind of singularity of weird shit.