Biden was Polling at 9% in Massachusetts, Allegedly Won with 33%

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

With 92% reporting in at time of writing, Joe Biden has allegedly won Massachusetts with 33%.

This is more than a little bit strange.

USA Today:

Biden did not campaign in Massachusetts, have any organization in the state or air any television ads in the state. In fact, a WBUR poll last Friday showed him polling at 9% in fifth place. Biden’s rapid post-South Carolina surge was arguably on display in Massachusetts more than any other state.

According to Real Clear Politics, the last time Bernie was leading in a Massachusetts poll was September. They’ve logged no less than six polls since then where Biden was losing to both Bernie and Liz and sometimes Mike Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg.

But miraculously, he won by a wide margin, according to the DNC.

We have already seen very shady business in the early contests, beginning with the debacle in Iowa, where an app created by a company called “Shadow Inc.,” which is run by former Clinton staffers and received funding from Joe Biden himself along with other establishment Democrats, was logging the wrong results.

I’m certain that a lot of information about irregularities in Tuesday’s contests is going to come out in the coming days. However, I am also certain that Bernie isn’t going to do anything about it.

For all of his talk about the abuses of the elite, the man appears to enjoy being abused by the elite.

Joe Biden is just going to openly steal the nomination.

Bernie and his people will do nothing.

Just as Trump and his people do nothing about the fact that the entire MAGA agenda has been replaced with inane gobbledygook involving a global war on socialism in the name of tax cuts for multinational corporations.

Democracy is the most corrupt and oppressive system of government ever devised by man.