Biden to Appoint Huge Number of Federal Judges to Enforce “Social Justice”

Justice isn’t justice as you know it anymore.

It’s now “social justice.”

That is what Joe Biden’s judges will enforce.

You really don’t hardly even have a chance of getting a fair trial in this country, and the Biden Justice Department is arresting people for memes.

The Hill:

A growing number of federal judges have announced their departures in the weeks since President Biden was sworn in, giving the new administration an early opportunity to start making inroads into former President Trump’s success at filling the judiciary with conservative judges.

There are currently 57 vacancies in the federal district and appellate courts and another 20 seats that will become vacant in the coming months. At least 25 of those vacancies were announced after Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

The group of departures includes Emmet Sullivan, who was appointed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by former President Clinton in 1994. Sullivan presided over several high-profile cases during the Trump era, including the prosecution of Michael Flynn on charges that the former White House national security adviser had lied to the FBI about his conversations with a Russian diplomat during Trump’s transition period.

Another Clinton-appointed judge, Robert Katzmann of the influential 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, announced on Jan. 21 that he would be leaving his seat. Katzmann was also involved in a number of Trump-related cases. Last year, he was part of a three-judge panel that sided with the Manhattan district attorney’s office in a lawsuit Trump filed seeking to block the prosecutor’s subpoena for his tax returns.

Both Katzmann and Sullivan will be taking senior status, which allows them to stay on as judges with a lighter case load while leaving seats for Biden to fill through the Senate confirmation process.

“I think that he already, right off the bat, has an incredible opportunity to improve the cause of justice, that he has a tremendous opportunity to leave his mark by getting on the bench remarkable jurists who are both demographically and professionally diverse and with a demonstrated commitment to equal justice in this country,” said Daniel Goldberg, legal director of the progressive group Alliance for Justice.

Daniel Goldberg should have to call his group “Jews for Justice for the Goyim” – because that’s what it is.

Have you started to understand the yellow star concept, as a way to identify these people?

Do you think a Jew lawyer wants you to get “justice” in the typical sense that you think of when you hear the word “justice”? His definition of “justice” is Black Lives Matter police shooting hoaxes, rape hoaxes, political speech libel hoaxes, immigration asylum hoaxes, and so on.

This is his justice:

The Jews literally committed deicide, and they celebrate that to this day as an act of “justice.” Never forget that: every Jew wakes up every morning and defines himself by the murder of Christ. That is what it means to be a Jew.

It is absurd to have these people speaking of “justice,” and what you are going to get is going to be more in line with the murder of Christ than it is with standard American ideals of fair treatment under the law.

Remember: these people have openly said that they want to use the legal system as a way to create “equity” between the races. That means that you, as a normal, heterosexual white male, are lesser in the eyes of this Jewish justice system than anyone else on earth.