Biden Team Confirms Claim That Pentagon Ceased Briefings

On Friday, we reported that Axios was reporting that the Pentagon has ceased giving briefings to the transition team of Joe Biden. I said it should be taken for a grain of salt (because Axios is right a lot, but they’re only right a lot because they make so many claims, most of which are wrong).

Almost immediately after the article was published in Axios, the Pentagon came out and denied it.

And now…


Joe Biden’s transition team said there was no agreement on pausing meetings over the holidays, contradicting the Pentagon, as confusion mounted in Washington and some supporters urged President Donald Trump to make like Caesar.

A sensationally titled Axios report claimed on Friday that Trump’s acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller had ordered a “total halt” to briefings and meetings with Biden’s transition staff, citing anonymous officials as saying it was to give the Pentagon staff a break for the holidays.

“This isn’t true,” former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell tweeted back at Axios, calling their story “click bait reporting” driven by politically motivated sources with agendas.

Apparently prompted by the Axios report, Miller issued a statement on Friday afternoon confirming that the meetings have been “rescheduled” and will continue “after the mutually-agreed upon holiday pause, which begins tomorrow.”

Yohannes Abraham, executive director of Biden’s transition team, told reporters that no such agreement existed, however. “We were concerned to learn this week about an abrupt halt in the already limited cooperation there,” Abraham said, according to Reuters.

There was no mutually agreed-upon holiday break,” he reportedly said, adding that he expects the DOD to reverse the decision and continue the briefings, “as there’s no time to spare” in preparing for national security contingencies.

Miller and several other officials, described by mainstream media as “Trump loyalists,” came in from the National Security Council after the ouster of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and resignations of several of his aides last month.

Democrats have spent the summer accusing Trump of wanting to carry out a “military coup” after what they said would be his inevitable election loss. Both Trump, the military and the Pentagon have rejected such talk as baseless.

After the November 3 election was called for Biden, who purportedly won the greatest number of votes in all of US history, Trump alleged election irregularities and outright fraud in at least five states. His campaign, allies and even a group of 19 US states launched legal challenges, but ran into the refusal of state authorities, federal judges and even the US Supreme Court to do anything about them.

Now, some of the president’s supporters have begun calling for him to “cross the Rubicon” and declare a national emergency.

We’ve been calling for that since 2017.

I have to say: I’m pretty sure that shutting down Pentagon briefings would not be a move that you would do if you were getting ready to do a coup. It’s not like the briefings would give away a secret plan to establish dictatorship. The briefings are a formality, and likely don’t contain as much information as you could find any given morning in the Wall Street Journal.

If anything, shutting down briefings would indicate the opposite – that Trump has resigned himself to a loss and is just poking at Uncle Joe.

Then there’s another option:

  • The Democrats and the Deep State are worried that Trump is planning martial law.
  • They want it in the media, so they can get people upset about it.
  • They planted the story in Axios, even though it is fake.
  • They wanted the fake story in Axios, they wanted Biden to be able to confirm it, so that people would talk about a coup.

Or it is just standard fake news and the Biden Team jumped on it.

Or, perhaps, the Pentagon did normal holiday breaks and the Biden Team is whining.

Whatever – I don’t think it means much.

As I wrote on Friday, it makes more sense as something meaningful in the context of a deep state plan to remove Biden from office by claiming a Chinese conspiracy to infiltrate him via Hunter Biden.

  • Hunter is under investigation by the Justice Department for corruption (carried out on behalf of his father, obviously), including links to the Chinese.
  • The conservative media has been pumping up a “Biden is controlled by the Chinese” conspiracy theory for months, basically doing their own version of the Democrats’ Russian conspiracy theory. (While there is more evidence than for the Russia hoax, I don’t think what they’re saying is true. Biden’s deals with China were basic pay-to-play scams with Chinese companies, not a secret plan by the Chinese government to take over American politics. The theories have been proved stupid when Biden lined his cabinet with anti-China hawks. He’s going to be a lot more aggressive with China than Trump was, if he takes office. The theory is a dumb distraction to take responsibility away from those responsible – Jews, frankly – and put it on people on the other side of the planet.)
  • The Democrats appear fine with the fact that half of America believes they stole the election.
  • Joe Biden is too old to be president for long anyway.
  • The deep state is looking for excuses to ramp up tensions with China drastically in the near future.

I would not be surprised if they are planning a situation where shortly after Biden takes office, he resigned due to a scandal with the Chinese. He would say: “I know that my son’s name will be cleared, but now is a time when our country needs to come together, and I don’t want to get in the way of that.”

This would make Republicans feel like they won something, and also make them feel like the system works and they’ll get another try in 4 years. It would also give them a jumping off point to escalate tensions with China, with bi-partisan support.

I can totally see that the cutting of briefings would be a setup for that, i.e., in February when he resigns, the media would say: “back in December, the Pentagon cut intelligence briefings to Biden’s transition team as the investigation heated up.”

Anyway – I do hope that the explanation is that Trump is getting ready to declare martial law.