Biden Sex Accuser Publishes Op-Ed in Russian State Media

“Russian state media” is an epitaph that has come to imply nefariousness, but there is not really another description for what RT (formerly “Russia Today”) is. This is English (and generally non-Russia) media funded by the Russian government explicitly for the purpose of promoting Russian interests.

That said, it’s very straightforward about that. Obviously, Facebook, Google and Twitter promote the interests of the globalist establishment in an underhanded way, pretending as though they are neutral players as they manipulate the social order of the entire world. Furthermore, all of the global media companies that are based in the West function the same way, and many of the local media outlets in countries outside of the Western world are otherwise linked to American intelligence.

So I don’t have any specific issue with “Russian state media” and I think the world would be a better place if media controlled by Jews was clearly delineated as “Jewish internationalist media.” The idea that any media would have no agenda is absurd at this point.

The thing is: the governments of the West are at war with their own populations as they attempt to incite a war against Russia. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and RT is filling a void that is being vacated by Fox News in the conservative sphere, and they have the funding to be a relevant outlet that can’t be booted off the internet like Parler was.

It is unfortunate that Russia didn’t have the foresight to put more energy into the development of social media, and instead allowed “American” companies to operate unregulated on their shores. I have consistently noted how unfortunate this is when I’ve commented on the ongoing riots in Russia, which as Vladimir Putin himself has noted, are being incited by Western tech companies. But it’s also unfortunate that all of these people being banned by their own government don’t have somewhere to go.

After the fall of communism, Russia backed away from the idea that the government should offer moral guidance to their population. Putin embraced the Church, and they got a bit of state money for rebuilding what communists had destroyed, but in terms of a clear national ideology, Russia went blank, which turns out to be a bad place to be, in a world where other governments are offering ideologies.

While Russia was blank, America began promoting a new ideology across the world relating to liberal progressivism. We understand well that this was not really genuine, and was in fact about entrenched elite powers shoring up their own agenda. Relatively quickly, that agenda ended up being forced to silence everyone who opposed it, as it could not withstand scrutiny.

Russia, having no clear ideological agenda, is welcoming the people who want to write columns that don’t have anywhere else to go. They recently published a piece by Laura Loomer. Today, they published a piece by Tara Reade, one of Joe Biden’s sex accusers.

The story that Reade wrote isn’t really the story – you know the whole story from the headline. It’s an old meme about how sexual assault allegations are simply a weapon used by the media against people the media doesn’t like.

The real story is that the media dislikes sexual assault allegations against people they do like so much that they have blacklisted them, and the only place this woman could get her story published is in Russian state media.

Reade isn’t just some random woman. She was a Senate aide who worked for Joe Biden. As the reader is aware, I’m not big on sex accusations, as I think if women are enlightened, autonomous individuals, as they all claim to be, then dealing with sexual harassment is part of their responsibility. However, I don’t think it would be shocking to anyone to find out that Biden engaged in workplace sexual behavior that would be considered by most of society to be anti-social. In fact, Joe Biden’s current marriage was founded on anti-social sexual behavior, given that both he and his current wife were married to other people when their relationship began. (The media is selling that as a story of true love, of course. You see, they had to cheat on their spouses, because they were driven by the magical force of love, a kind of secret energy force with its own agenda. Also, God doesn’t exist and life created itself in an ooze and then bacteria turned into fish and animals somehow and then animals started changing into other animals for some reason.)

Fox News interviewed her before the election, but now, just like with Laura Loomer, Fox News doesn’t want to be associated. They could easily be talking about how “dems are the real rapists,” but they’re busy attacking the nice CrossFit space laser lady in defense of Dick Cheney’s daughter.

Russia has an opportunity to brand itself across the West as a country that supports traditional European Christian civilization, and use that branding to influence global politics in the same way that America uses the rainbow flag branding to influence global politics. Maybe that’s the direction they’re going in now. It’s very strange they didn’t think of doing this a decade ago, because I’m sure it would have paid off, and it would have provided a defense against all of this demonization that’s been aimed at them during the Trump Age.

Instead, Russia promoted no agenda in their own country even, and now they’ve got anal activists beating down the door of the Kremlin.

It’s unfortunate Putin didn’t have better policy advisors. But there is now an opening here for them to help out the people in America who the American government is silencing. They are publishing these people, but I wonder if they are doing it consciously or just as a part of a general agenda to publish stuff that the controlled Western media doesn’t cover.