Biden Says He’s Sending His Folks Door-to-Door to Demand the People Accept Deadly Vaxx

But is it actually a vaccine?

New York Post:

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that his administration would step up efforts to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 with a new program that would go “door to door, literally knocking on doors,” urging people to get the shots.

During his remarks the president said that “We need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oft times, door to door, literally knocking on doors” to encourage vaccination.

Those knocking on the doors will offer information about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

The administration failed to reach its self imposed goal of having 70% of the nation’s eligible people at least partially vaccinated by July 4th. In a briefing earlier in the day, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that by the end of this week nearly 160 million Americans would be fully vaccinated.

When asked about whether the administration would halt or slow initiatives to convince Americans to take the vaccine now that the remaining hold outs seem unwilling, Psaki insisted that efforts would continue, though she did rule out any federally mandates for now.

Is this real?

What exactly are we doing here?

We are now several months out from the time when the vaccine was available to everyone for free. Anyone who hasn’t gotten it yet does not want it and obviously isn’t going to decide to get it because Joe Biden is nagging them.

If people really show up at people’s door with their name on a list saying they know they’re unvaxxed – people are going to flip out.

Yes, “my niggas” are a big group that isn’t getting this shit injected into them, so I could understand if they put Barack Obama out there to shill some kind of barbershop sitdown horseshit to the urban yoofs. Or, if they got some person related to Donald Trump to shill it to Republicans.

But who is Biden supposed to convince, at this point?

Are they just doing this now so they can say “we did all we could” before they implement some extreme new measures against the unvaxxed?

Honestly folks, it looks like they’re planning on sending us all to camps.

No joke.

Since this is basically just Jews doing a reverse Holocaust against Nazi white people, I can only assume the camps they’re going to send us to will have all the same amenities as Auschwitz.

I’d like to say you can find me enjoying the orchestra or watching a traditional cultural play in the theater, but the fact is, you’re more likely to find me either hanging out at the medically-inspected brothel or sunning by the pool.

Find me out there and hmu if you want to get a beer or play some soccer.