Biden Referred to the Australian President as “That Fella Down Under”

What is this news like a week old?

Why am I posting old news?

That study about the pregnant women was old too, as were the comments by the MP about the vax deaths.

Basically, I think two things happened:

  • I wasn’t really on the ball last week (I am balling this week, Monday was pure fire), and
  • The entire week’s news has been buried by nonsense about a dead bitch in a van

Honestly, just in general, there isn’t very much news going on.

I wake up every morning and say “welp. Time to go tell people that the vax is bad again.”

It’s draining, really.

But hey – I really enjoyed writing the thing about the Florida adventure.

I might start writing more vaxer fan fiction, and just fiction and funner stuff in general, as a way to try to offset the necessary tedium of the vax news cycle.

Obviously, I have to cover the vax stuff, but I don’t need to just keep saying the same things over and over again. I think you all get my points by now. So I can just drop the vax news in filler pieces, and then try to focus my creative energies on other stuff.

Anyway, the Nicki Minaj thing definitely put some life back into the vax news cycle. I really hope that keeps on rolling. She seems to have gotten exhausted and taken a break, but let’s hope she’s back. And let’s hope she doesn’t visit the White House and get replaced with a clone.

But seriously: Joe Biden referred to Boris Johnson as “Boris” and then to that fella down under as “that fella down under.”

This is embarrassing. All of it is just humiliating.

Some guy on RT wrote an op-ed about the new Clint Eastwood movie reflecting the decline of America, and I liked it.

I didn’t watch the movie, despite being a devoted fan of Clint’s, because I could tell it would just be depressing. He looked so feeble in the trailer, and it was just ridiculous to have him punching people when he can barely walk. His voice was all creaky. I said “this just looks very sad to me.”

I support old men working into old age. But he’s a very competent director. He doesn’t have to star in the movies.

There is a lot of joy in watching the American Empire collapse, as the American Empire is run by evil Jews and other vaxers. But at the same time, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that there is some underlying sadness to seeing something that my grandfathers worked to build being so brutally humiliated.

Ultimately, the good emotions outweigh the bad.

But I do know that people I hate in Europe, Arabia, and so on, are laughing at me for having a leader like Joe Biden, laughing that I allowed my country to be taken over by Jews, laughing as this entire thing collapses in the dumbest way imaginable.