Biden on Second Amendment: “You’re Full of Shit… I’ll Take Your AR14s Away From Ya”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2020

People keep talking about Joe Biden making “gaffes.”

But what is a “gaffe”?

Using this term implies that he’s talking and then makes mistakes. But that isn’t what is happening. What is happening is that he rambles incoherently whenever he talks.

It is utterly bizarre.

The latest viral video is of Biden speaking at the construction site of an auto plant in Detroit this week and arguing with someone about the Second Amendment. The audio is hard to make out, but there is a lot more than a “gaffe” in the 90 second clip.

What you can hear:

  • He tells a man “you’re full of shit” after the man says he’s going to take our guns
  • He tells another man to “shush”
  • “You’re not allowed to own any weapon – I’m not taking your gun away. You need a hundred rounds?”
  • “I’ll take your AR… your AR 14s away from ya.”

How is he going to have debates with Donald Trump?

Joe Biden of course did say “I’m coming for em” with reference to guns. But I believe that he doesn’t remember saying that.

The senility is getting worse.

The idea that this man is the presumptive nominee is so absolutely bizarre that it is difficult to believe it is even really happening.

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