Biden Issues Most Aggressive Anti-China Threats Yet

The number one concern for most Americans right now is protecting the autonomy of Taiwan.

Although the media focuses a lot on the coronavirus and destroying the white race, polls show that by a wide margin, the number one issue on Americans’ minds is worry over Taiwanese people having enough freedom.

This is why Joe Biden is trying to provoke China into some kind of nuclear war or whatever. He was elected in a landslide on a mandate to protect Taiwanese freedom – no matter what.


In a threatening statement on Beijing’s “destabilizing” military moves that was published on Sunday, the US State Department warned China against even diplomatically and economically pressuring Taiwan in its own interests.

In the statement, United States spokesperson and former CIA intelligence officer Ned Price warned China that the US was “very concerned” by its “provocative military activity near Taiwan, which is destabilizing, risks miscalculations, and undermines regional peace and stability.”

“We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan,” Price wrote.

Claiming the US had “an abiding interest in peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” Price said it would “continue to assist Taiwan in maintaining a sufficient self-defense capability” and affirmed that its commitment to Taiwan was “rock solid.”

“We will continue to stand with friends and allies to advance our shared prosperity, security, and values, and deepen our ties with democratic Taiwan,” the statement concluded.

The fact that conservatives are still talking about Biden being a Chinese agent is just proof that the entire West has gone insane, and conservatives are only marginally less insane than Democrats.

I mean, is it really true that the average Republican voter is sitting around worried about gay sex in Taiwan, and that Joe Biden simply isn’t doing enough to protect Taiwanese anal pride parades?


  • The entire conflict between the West and China hinges on Taiwan (literally every other issue could be easily negotiated if the US relinquished its claim to Taiwan), and
  • Really the only thing that would change in Taiwan if the US surrendered its claim to the territory, and reunification was allowed, would be that the right-wing party (which is also the pro-Beijing party) would be put in charge of the country, and they would ban gay marriage

But I mean – seriously – why are we talking about Taiwan?

Even if Xi Jinping was saying they were not only going to ban gay marriage, but were going to completely ban gay sex in the country, and issue fines to anyone caught giving or receiving a gay blowjob – would that really be worth America starting a World War over?

Is gay sex in Taiwan worth any sacrifice of any American energy at all?

Conservatives need to be asked this question: “How many American lives are you willing to sacrifice in defense of Taiwanese gay marriage?”

I’m just sick of this.

I’m sick of it.

It’s literally just moronic.

China isn’t threatening anyone and Taiwan is a part of China.

The US is using Taiwan as a wedge issue because they want regime change in China as part of a plan for a world government. The Democrats themselves don’t even care about gay blowjobs in Taiwan – they are allied with Saudi Arabia! The only people who care about gay Taiwanese blowjobs are Republicans like Ben Sasse (who is also actually a Jewish shill working for special interests on a global government project).

Do you see what censorship does?

No one even knows what is going on, because no one is obligated to explain anything. Fox News says Biden isn’t doing enough for the Taiwanese, CNN says we should start a nuclear war with China to protect the Taiwanese.

Why is any single person in this country thinking or talking about Taiwan at all?

Is this meme too esoteric?

Anyway, here’s the exploitable.

I don’t think I’m doing it justice.

I ran across it on a dark web Russian hacker site called “Yandex.”