Joe “Bloody Joe” Biden: “I Don’t Support Defunding the Police”

If you thought it was just an accident when “Bloody Joe” mocked the blacks for their rate of bastard children while doing a digital video conference with the attendees of George Floyd’s funeral, you were totally wrong. In actual reality, Joe Biden hates black people, and supports the plan by the cops to genocide them.

In actual reality, Bloody Joe is standing with the genocidal maniac cops over the bloody corpse of George Floyd, pounding the drums of hate.

Joe Biden is a psychopath, a moron and a racist, plus he has dementia. But he’s likely to win the election, because he’s just so damn cool.

He might leave your bullet-riddled corpse to rot in the street, but if when you’re lying there bleeding to death after being genocided by the cops you take a look up at him, the only thought that will be running through your head is “damn, that’s a slick dude.”


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Monday he opposes “defunding the police,” declining to embrace a rallying cry that has gained support among progressive activists and protesters demonstrating against police brutality.

The growing calls to dismantle or reimagine U.S. police departments have put pressure on Biden and other Democratic leaders, who favor policing reforms but are wary of adopting a loaded phrase that some Democrats fear could be a divisive election issue.

Biden, the former vice president, met with Floyd’s family in Houston for more than an hour on Monday to offer his sympathies.

“I don’t support defunding the police,” Biden said afterwards in an interview with CBS. “I support conditioning federal aid to police, based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness.”

Biden had previously called for a $300 million investment in policing, contingent on officers mirroring the diversity of their communities. In a statement, his campaign said he supports funding for better training, body cameras and community policing.

Well, I’m glad the Democrats are finally coming around on the segregation issue. I’ve been saying for years that integration has been a mutual tragedy, and it’s good to finally have them on board.

Biden’s stance echoed that of Democrats in Congress, who on Monday unveiled sweeping legislation to combat police violence that stopped short of cutting funding for local law enforcement agencies.

Progressives are pushing for more. Senator Bernie Sanders – who promised to hold Biden accountable after ending a presidential campaign and endorsing the former vice president – has called for slashing all federal funding for police departments accused of violating people’s civil rights.

Yes, along with committing a genocide against blacks – which I think is totally true and real but which I don’t care about and think is actually hilarious – they definitely violated my civil rights with this lunatic coronavirus hoax.

Like maybe by banning the practice of my religion.

And perhaps depriving me of rights so natural, like the right to run a business or patronize a business, that the Founding Fathers never imagined they would ever be disputed.

For whatever reason, Americans seem to really love being under house arrest, and support Bloody Joe’s evil agenda to continue funding our pig oppressors.

Washington Free Beacon:

Democratic lawmakers, operatives, and commentators are calling for the defunding or abolition of America’s police departments in the wake of officer Derek Chauvin’s killing of unarmed black man George Floyd.

While the proposal is popular among the party’s progressive activist wing and on Twitter, it faces a hard wall of resistance among the wider public. A recent YouGov poll showed that fewer than 20 percent of Americans of all parties supported any cutting of police funding—a finding consistent with decades of polling.

To think that these’s people’s forefathers rode out West to go toe-to-toe with the savage Indians, and now they’re groveling for protection from rude thugs who won’t even let them work.