Biden Government Building a Cold War with China

The structure of the thing the US government and NATO are doing to China is exactly what was done to the USSR.

However, we were a different civilization back then, and as several think tanks have noted in their papers on China, we were also dealing with white people, who we understood.

We don’t know what the Chinese response to this is going to be. Neither do these think tanks.

But we have to expect that the Chinese have gamed this all out as well as Jewish think tanks have.


The US accused China of ramping up tensions in the South China Sea amid new drills. The statement came shortly after a notorious pro-NATO lobby group published an anonymously-authored proposal for long-term conflict with Beijing.

PACOM (United States Indo-Pacific Command) announced on Friday evening that the Chinese military flights over the past week “at no time” posed any threat to US Navy ships, sailors, or aircraft, according to a statement cited by Reuters.

An official speaking on condition of anonymity said the Chinese warplanes never came within 250 nautical miles (463 km) of the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group, currently deployed in the South China Sea.

It was unclear whether the statement was referring to last weekend’s flights of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force near the island of Taiwan – which China claims as its own territory, but has been ruled by the defeated nationalists who fled the mainland in 1949 – or whatever activity may have taken place between the Gulf of Tonkin and Leizhou Peninsula, where China said it would hold unspecified military exercises at some point between Wednesday and Saturday.

While PACOM described Chinese military activity as part of a “pattern of aggressive and destabilizing behavior” – according to Reuters – Beijing earlier this week said the presence of US ships in the South China Sea was “not conducive to peace and stability in the region.” All in all, typical jargon of diplomatic sparring between the two powers.

On Thursday, however, one of the foremost US policy think tanks published a lengthy paper – unusually keeping the identity of its author a secret – that advocated a Cold War 2.0 approach to China by the US, with the ultimate goal of preserving Washington’s global hegemony and “regime change” in Beijing.

The paper is basically a rehash of George Kennan’s 1946 Long Telegram, which outlined the strategy of “containment” of the Soviet Union the US would adopt in what would become the original Cold War the very next year.

I have to say, as I always do, look at this map:

Now, imagine if there were:

  • 50,000 Chinese troops in Canada
  • 30,000 Chinese troops in Mexico
  • 20,000 troops in Puerto Rico

Then, imagine if:

  • There were Chinese aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Mexico
  • China was claiming that we were being “aggressive” in the Gulf of Mexico, and needed to withdraw our ships or face serious consequences

Does this make any sense?

How could anyone defend this situation?

If we’re conquering Asia in the name of the Aryan race, okay. But that isn’t what is happening.

We are being told instead that we have to replace the government of China with the government the US government has established on the island of Taiwan.

Meanwhile, our own country is being destroyed by the very same people claiming they are protecting us from the Chinese.

What do you think is going on here?