Biden Fails to Deliver Kook $15 Minimum Wage

Who is the man behind the mask?

Forced minimum wage laws are literally like, the stupidest thing imaginable. If your economy is so unbalanced that you have to implement a minimum wage, then you have serious problems you need to be dealing with.

Of course, the problem in America is the low cost of labor, which – surprise! – is the result of bringing in tens or perhaps even 100 million immigrants since 1965. Forcing this minimum wage, when you’ve built a market around the cheap labor of all these brown people you flooded the country with, will just result in mass layoffs and companies shutting down.

That said – Joe Biden promised the $15 minimum wage!


President Biden said on Friday that his plan to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour is unlikely to happen as part of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid package.

“I don’t think it’s going to survive,” Biden said in an excerpt of an interview with CBS Evening News With Norah O’Donnell released ahead of the Super Bowl. The full interview will air on Sunday.

Democrats in Congress are moving to advance the aid package using a procedure known as budget reconciliation. Biden said in the interview that “the rules of the United States Senate” probably mean that the minimum wage hike will have to be dropped.

“My guess is it will not be in it,” Biden said. But he said he remains committed to trying to negotiate an increase to the minimum wage, even if it’s a gradual rise from the current level of $7.25 per hour.

Biden also said he is prepared to negotiate on who gets the $1,400 checks he has promised will be in the aid package. He said that the “phase out” for the direct payments may be in the range of $75,000 for an individual or $150,000 for a couple. “But again, I’m wide open on what that is,” Biden said in the interview.

The amount of promises Biden is breaking in his first month is incredible. The sonovabitch is out there saying he only promised a $1400 check! He said it would be a $2000 check!

Meanwhile, he’s signing dozens of executive orders that literally have nothing at all to do with anything that anyone requested.

No one who knew anything about the people that Joe Biden was surrounding himself with is confused by this, but you have to wonder what the morons who supported him are thinking.