Biden Defeated by Stairs

Joe Biden handily beat Donald Trump in a fake election.

He beat QAnon.

He beat vaccine hesitancy.

He’s beaten the white race.

But he has finally met his match: stairs.

After all of the winning that Biden has been doing, no one predicted that it would be a set of stairs that would finally bring him to his knees – but that is exactly what happened when he attempted to board Air Force One Friday morning.

He began to slip, then caught himself, then slipped and fell a second time, going all the way to his knees.

These are carpeted stairs, and thus not slippery.

If Joe Biden can’t defeat stairs, then how does he hope to defeat Iran, Russia, China and all of these other countries he is planning wars with?

Many people are now calling for Joe Biden to do “Rockstar Energy Drinks™ and the The X-GAMES™ Presents The X-Treme Stair Challenge.”

We need to know that Our Totally Real and Legitimately Elected President™ is capable of managing stairs.

If not, then it is her turn.