Biden Claims That the Bernie Brothers are Planning to Spread Malarkey

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2020

The “Bernie Brothers” is much better than “Bernie Bros.”

No one ever says “Mario Bros.” It’s written that way, but we all say “Mario Brothers.”

It’s no different for all this malarkey.


Joe Biden warned supporters about “the Bernie brothers” running an “increasingly negative campaign” and that a “bloodbath” between the two candidates (as Tulsi gets lost in the shuffle) will only help re-elect Donald Trump.

The fight between Biden and Sanders for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination is intensifying as the two candidates campaign in the Midwest this weekend ahead of primary votes in states like Michigan and Missouri in the coming days.

Speaking to donors in Bethesda, Maryland, Biden seemed to call for a positive battle between him and Sanders, but he also managed to get in some digs on the Vermont senator and his supporters.

“I know I’m going to get a lot of suggestions on how to respond to what I suspect will be an increasingly negative campaign that the Bernie brothers will run,” the former vice president said. “But we can’t tear this party apart and re-elect Trump.”

“What we can’t let happen is let this primary become a negative bloodbath.”

Following his victory in South Carolina, Biden has become the frontrunner for mainstream Democrats, with former rivals Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropping out of the race and endorsing him. Biden seemed to suggest at a campaign rally in Missouri that an endorsement from Senator Kamala Harris is also happening, though she has made no official announcement.

Despite multiple primary victories and nearly as many delegates as Biden, Sanders continues to face an uphill battle with centrist Democrats. Elizabeth Warren, who also recently dropped out of the race, even called out Sanders’ supporters this week for “organized nastiness” against her and others.

Sanders has meanwhile been leaning into his underdog status and lashing out at Biden for his “billionaire backers.”

Sure, Bernie – whatever.

But the people are not concerned about billionaires buying elections.

What they are concerned about is malarkey. And you and your brothers are knee-deep in malarkey.

What’s more, Mario himself actually is a communist.

And we’ve seen the kind of malarkey his kind get into.

Come on, man!

We don’t need it in this country.

We’ve all had plenty enough malarkey, and we want a candidate who will finally put an end to it.

What I can say in Bernie’s favor though is that he is calling for an end to Star Wars.

If he adds a call for an end to Marvel films, and maybe even just shutting down Disney altogether, he will probably win.

Maybe not, however?

Black people probably don’t even know about Star Wars and Marvel films, and if you told them about them, they would probably do a nigger-jive on you and be like, “nigga just don’t go watch that shit if you ain’t like it, y’all complain bout dat shit is malarkey, nigga, get the fuk outta here with that shit, nigga, ain’t no malarkey in this bitch, nigga.”

The Bernie Brothers aren’t likely to understand that answer.

I’ve been following a lot of Bernie Brothers on Twitter, and I can tell you this: I actually agree with the niggers, that really all they are up to is straight malarkey.

Maybe they deserve to watch Star Wars movies?

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