Biden Barely Beats Sanders in Alaska, Even Though Sanders Already Quit the Race

Bernie Sanders has already dropped out of the race, but he almost won the primary in Alaska. It really makes you think.

Fox News:

Joe Biden has won the Alaska Democrats’ party-run presidential primary, beating Sen. Bernie Sanders days after Sanders suspended his campaign.

Biden beat Sanders Saturday 55.3% to 44.7%. A total of 19,759 votes were cast.

Biden gets 11 delegates and Sanders gets 4. Sanders would have won more delegates but after ending his bid for the nomination last week, Sanders is no longer eligible to win delegates based on the statewide vote in primaries and caucuses, according to Democratic National Committee rules. Sanders is, however, still eligible to win delegates based on vote totals in individual congressional districts, which is why the AP allocated four delegate to Sanders in Alaska.

There is probably about zero chance that Biden will make it to election day. He’s senile, and everyone knows it, and with the coronavirus situation, Democrats have a real chance to win. We’re looking at the worst economic collapse in all of history, and even though it is the fault of the media for stirring up this mass hysteria, they are going to blame Trump for it.

Of course, this is effectively a wartime situation, and we may well be in an actual war come November. No one knows what is going to happen. If the Democrats think they have any chance of winning, they’ll switch out Biden – probably for Nipples Cuomo. If they don’t think they have any chance of winning, they might not bother.

Everything is moving so fast that we have no idea what this country is going to look like come November.

But who even knows if we’re going to have an election?

I don’t think it is possible to vote online. If we did that, no one would believe the results.

They might do voting through the mail, because you can already do that (even though mail in votes are only counted in the case of a close race). So they can say “this is no different than what we do already.”