Biden Administration Destroys the Iran Deal

The Jewish neocons who were supporting Joe Biden in the election promised other Jews that his administration would be totally Jewish and not reinstate the Iran deal.

After stealing the election, the usurper put in all neocon and Wall Street Jews in key positions, and these Jews that now have total control of America are sticking to the plan.


Tehran will not accept U.S. demands that it reverse an acceleration of its nuclear programme before Washington lifts sanctions, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday.

The demand “is not practical and will not happen”, he said at a joint news conference in Istanbul with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu.

The new administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has said Tehran must resume compliance with curbs on its nuclear activity under the world powers’ 2015 deal before it can rejoin the pact.

Iran breached the terms of the accord in a step-by-step response to the decision by Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump to abandon the deal in 2018 and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

Earlier this month, Iran resumed enriching uranium to 20% at its underground Fordow nuclear plant – a level it achieved before the accord.

However, Iran has said it can quickly reverse those violations if U.S. sanctions are removed.

“If the United States fulfils its obligations, we will fulfil our obligations in full,” he said.

(Note: If the Indians who produce this Reuters garbage can’t spell “fulfill,” they should use a spell-checker. It puts a squiggly red line under words that are spelled wrong.)

This is obviously another dumb, nonsense type situation. Iran already did the deal once. It’s not like you can’t trust them to fulfill it. This is an obviously unreasonable demand from the Biden Administration, which is only intended to put them in a situation where they can’t agree to it, so the US can say “they refused the deal.”

Remember when Donald Trump was about to sign an agreement for Korean reunification, and then Jared Kushner manipulated him into hiring John Bolton, who went and told Kim Jong-Un that he had to completely disarm before the US would remove their sanctions? And Bolton publicly stated that it was “The Libya Model”?

That is what Biden’s Jews are doing to Iran.

Democrat voters just aren’t thinking about this sort of thing anymore. They’re just thinking about trannies, the flu and how sad it is that black people were slaves hundreds of years ago.

It’s really amazing. This stuff that we hate so much is not only bad in its own right, it’s bad in that it is being used to distract leftists from the issues that they were actually right about, like war and Wall Street.

Tucker Carlson, who is still being investigated after his suspicious post-election behavior, pointed out that immediately after Occupy Wall Street, a leftist movement complaining about Jewish bankers, the entire media started talking about “racism” nonstop. This is definitely true, and I was alive to watch it. I think he might be right that there was a connection there.

There was a risk of populism taking over. As we are seeing now with reddit robbing the Jews, the Democrats and Republicans agree that having a bunch of Jews work with the government to loot the population is a negative phenomenon. They needed to ensure that some new movement didn’t form, and get the white American population to come together.

Seriously – if Donald Trump had run in 2008 on the 2016 platform, a lot of Democrats would have supported him, and none of them would have gone totally ape. Well, someone might have, but they wouldn’t have been on TV. There wouldn’t have been women out in the street screaming.

This division of the population is irreconcilable now, because the left hates us for being white males. They’ve literally created the reverse of this stupid caricature of racists in the modern left – people who cannot think logically and are just totally and completely driven by hatred. They found the worst scum on earth and brought them to the front of the society, and made them the model of normalcy.

None of these people would complain about a bombing of Iran, as long as white men are getting publicly crucified.