Bibi Heads for Election with Career Saved by War He Started

Everyone was focusing on how the recent attack on Palestine was just another round of Jewish ritual slaughter.

But we keep trying to point out that there was also a practical purpose behind it.

The Telegraph:

Israel’s prime minister is heading for a fifth election with a significant boost to his credibility in the wake of the Gaza conflict, even as his rivals plot behind the scenes to remove him from power.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who just a fortnight ago was set to be dethroned by a former right-wing protege, has stepped back into his “Mr Security” persona after 11 days of intense fighting with Hamas.

Meanwhile, his rivals’ hopes of cobbling together enough support for a wafer-thin majority of 61 seats in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, have crumbled.

Naftali Bennett, a former Likud minister who has long sought to step out of Mr Netanyahu’s shadow, abruptly scrapped plans to become the head of a new “change” government last week.

Other senior members of the so-called “anti-Netanyahu” coalition, such as Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, have vowed to continue talks on forming a government despite the loss of Mr Bennett.

Mr Lapid has even suggested that Mr Netanyahu may have engineered the Gaza conflict in a desperate bid to keep himself in power.

“If we had a government, security considerations would not be mixed with political considerations,” he claimed in a post on Facebook. “No one would ask themselves why the fire always breaks out just when it’s most convenient for the prime minister.”

Yeah, they’re allowed to say it in Israel. Jews are allowed to say it to other Jews.

If a goy said “Bibi started this conflict on purpose to get support for an election,” they would be labeled an anti-Semite and have their life destroyed by the Anti-Defamation League.

But you can say it aloud if you’re a Jew.

It is just obvious: the Netanyahu government organized pogroms inside of Israel’s borders, attacking random Arabs, attacking their mosque, in order to bully Hamas into firing rockets – then all of a sudden, BOOM, Israel is at war and the protector figure shoots up in the polls.

It is instructive that Jews use this kind of cynical ploy against their own people.

Did you see this picture from Gaza?

I’m sorry, I had to laugh.

They were literally “blasted back to the Stone Age” to the point where they’re fleeing their bombed-out city with a horse and carriage.

It’s actually kind of funny that there wasn’t more talk of “Israel’s right-wing government making a play to remain in power” in the Western goyim media. I think it would be better for the Jews if they’d made that argument. Instead, the Western media gave the impression that there was no room for questions about the conflict at all, that the Jews were 100% in the right, and anyone who questions that is an anti-Semite.

This makes many Westerners think the entirety of Israel supports the war, when it’s actually only a little bit more than half.

It would have been logical for the leftist media to say “Netanyahu is Israel’s Donald Trump” and so on. That would make leftists less likely to just say “Israel needs to be destroyed.”

But their narrative ended with the entire left condemning Israel as a whole instead of just condemning the Netanyahu government.

I think the Western media has kind of lost the plot in terms of subtle propaganda. They just go all in with everything, because thus far, going all in with everything has worked so well for them.

It definitely worked with the virus hoax, it worked with Black Lives Matter and it is mostly working with the vaccine (though that last one they’ve had to recalibrate a bit).

I think the fanaticism of the narrative means that it cannot stand indefinitely.

“I’m getting breaking news, just in: Jews are victims of the whole world, always.”