Bibi Netanyahu Indicted

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

A Jewish criminal?


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defiantly vowed to hold on to power after being charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust in connection with three separate cases.

He condemned the charges as a “coup” attempt against him.

“I will not let the lie triumph,” he said during a defiant speech.

Mr Netanyahu is alleged to have accepted gifts from wealthy businessmen and dispensed favours to try to get more positive press coverage.

“I will continue to lead the country, according to the letter of the law,” he added.

During a 15-minute tirade, Mr Netanyahu accused the judiciary, police and others of plotting against him with “politically motivated” allegations.

“In this tainted process the investigators weren’t after the truth, they were after me,” he said, accusing investigators of extorting witnesses to lie.

Earlier, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit said he made the decision “with a heavy heart”, but said it showed nobody was above the law in Israel.

“Law enforcement is not a choice. It is not a matter of right or left. It’s not a matter of politics,” he said.

The announcement comes amid a political stand-off in Israel following two inconclusive general elections in April and September.

On Wednesday, Mr Netanyahu’s rival for the premiership, Benny Gantz, said he had been unable to form a governing coalition with a majority in parliament. He had been given the opportunity to try after Mr Netanyahu had earlier failed to do so.

You put all of these Jews in the same place and they start acting like black people in prison.

Jews are born criminals, but their criminal nature is to rip off non-Jews, not other Jews. I think that’s why so many Jews opposed the creation of the state of Israel after the idea was introduced in the 19th century.

Donald Trump has been doing everything he can for this guy.

Gave him the entire West Bank after giving him the Golan Heights.

Still didn’t cut it.

Who knows what this indictment actually means. I’m not an expert on Israeli internal politics (I’m not really sure that it is possible to be one if you can’t read Hebrew).

I do think that it would be better for America if Bibi was ousted, because he has this relationship with Trump that leads to all of these weird problems.