Bibi is Officially Out After 12 Years (But Does It Mean Anything for the West?)

After endless elections, endless attempts to oust him, Bibi Netanyahu has finally been forced out of office. The new Prime Minister was sworn in this week, under a strange coalition.

Bibi is refusing to leave the PM residence – good thing he has Nimrata Randhawa to defend him.

Times of Israel:

A group that led the anti-Netanyahu protests over the past year sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday threatening to petition the High Court of Justice if opposition chairman Benjamin Netanyahu does not vacate the official Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem by June 27.

The urgent letter from the Crime Minister group to PMO legal adviser Shlomit Barnea demands that her office set a date, no later than two weeks after the new government was sworn in last Sunday, for when Netanyahu will leave the Balfour Street residence where he has continued to live with his wife Sara and son Yair since being replaced as premier by Naftali Bennett.

The letter was filed a day after former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley posted a picture with Netanyahu at the official residence where he had hosted her along with Christians United For Israel founder John Hagee on Monday. The photo led to uproar, with critics demanding to know why the opposition chairman was continuing to use the Prime Minister’s Residence for hosting foreign dignitaries.

“We will not allow a [criminal] defendant who lost the election to fortify himself in the residence, turning it into a facility for his private affairs from which he fights the elected government,” the Crime Minister group wrote.

“It is time, after 12 years of alienation and disconnect, for the Netanyahu family to understand that the Prime Minister’s Residence is a public resource and kindly vacate the premises within a short period of time, as is the practice in a proper democracy,” the group added.

It’s a pretty alpha move to demand the military come and force you out.

It would have been ultra-awesome if Donald Trump would have done that.

He was clearly trying to send some kind of message by posing with “Nikki Haley” and John Hagee.

In theory, he’s saying “I still run America.”

However, I’m not sure he does still run America. America as a state is owned by Israel as a state, not by Netanyahu specifically.

I don’t really think this is a very important news story to me, frankly. I don’t see how this affects anything, other than possibly making it easier for the Biden Administration to deal with Israel.

Obviously, Democrat voters didn’t like the recent slaughter that took place in Palestine, and the Democrat politicians could try to frame this new Prime Minister as “not a baby killer” as a way to explain their unconditional support for Israel.

That’s going to be hard though – Israel is already bombing Gaza again.

The religious Jews are still revved up.

And there are already protests in New York.

So it doesn’t look like there is going to be any attempt by the Jews to use Bennett as some kind of “clean slate.”

If anyone has read anything about Naftali Bennett, his politics are more or less identical to Netanyahu’s. He is a Netanyahu protégé, in fact. This isn’t a real “upset” of any sort. The possibility has existed for some years that a total shitlib could take over Israel, and that would actually have real implications. But Bennett is just Netanyahu without all the scandals.

I stopped following internal Israeli politics when it became clear that there was no possibility of a shitlib taking over.

On an unrelated note: is this a tranny?

What is going on with human beings?

It’s like they’re literally morphing into a different species right in front of our eyes.

Remember to eat right and exercise.

More and more, I believe that it is physical fitness that separates the left from right.

I’ve written extensively about the studies that show that along with women, who are natural socialists, men who are physically weak and low testosterone are likely to be socialists. The idea is that because they are physically weak, they need someone else to suck resources out of.