Bibi and Rival Agree to Share Power in “Emergency Government”

It’s notable that these are literally the two single most masculine Jews on earth.

I always said that no matter what happens, Bibi Netanyahu is going to stay in office for as long as he’s alive or until he doesn’t want to be in office anymore.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this entire flu hoax was staged to keep him from losing power.


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz have agreed on the formation of a national emergency government, according to a joint statement from Blue and White and Netanyahu’s Likud party.

The announcement, which includes a timeline for potential annexation of parts of the West Bank over the summer, appears to bring to an end more than a year of political deadlock during which Israel held three general elections.

Gantz had campaigned in all three national polls promising that he would not be part of government with an indicted Prime Minister but broke with his Blue and White allies almost a month ago when he announced he was seeking a unity government with Netanyahu.

“We prevented a fourth election,” Gantz tweeted Monday evening after the announcement of an agreement, adding, “We will safeguard the democracy, we will fight the coronavirus and we will take care of all the citizens of Israel.”
Netanyahu echoed the message of unity in a tweet of his own.

“I promised the state of Israel a national emergency government that will act to save the lives and livelihoods of the citizens of Israel. I will continue to do everything for you, citizens of Israel,” he said.

The fact that Israel locked down as a response to this flu indicates that the entire thing is just an accident by neurotics. Their economy won’t take as much of hit, given that other than extorting foreign governments for cash handouts, their primary businesses are all technology related, and thus jobs that can be done from home.

I’m having an ongoing internal debate about whether or not this shutdown was a planned conspiracy to destroy the economy on purpose, or whether the people in the governments of the West just got caught up in a neurotic gook hysteria.

If Israel had pulled a Sweden and refused to shut down, that would be a big point for the “this is on purpose” side.

However, Netanyahu exploiting it to stay in office could also explain the Israeli shutdown.

Hilariously, right in the middle of this the Jews are going forward with their plan to annex the entire West Bank.

The agreement sets a date of July 1 from which the process to annex parts of the West Bank, as envisioned in the Trump administration’s peace plan, can begin.

Under the Trump plan, Israel can expect to receive the United States’ support for the application of Israeli sovereignty over all settlements in the territory as well as the Jordan Valley, which lies along the border with Jordan.

The new government agreement does not spell out exactly which bits of territory are earmarked for annexation, but instead commits Netanyahu and Gantz to approach the issue “with the full understanding of the US … and with international dialogue in the matter.”

The last thing that Westerners will be paying attention to in July is Jews going through and wiping out a bunch of Arabs to steal their land.