Beyonce Professor Claims There are No Good White People

William Martel
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2015

It should come to us as no surprise that Kevin Allred, a professor at Rutgers University who is teaching a summer course called “Politicizing Beyonce” would turn out to be an anti-white enthnomasochist who posted a tweet such as this:


In an interview the The College Fix, he says, “Whiteness plays an invisible role in dominating and oppressing everyone else. And I’m speaking about a U.S. context specifically here.”  He continues to babble that, “Our system was built on the labor of many while few benefited from that labor – those few were typically and still typically are rich, straight, white men. This is a basic conversation about privileges.”

Of course he totally doesn’t mention the fact that only 2% of the coutry owned slaves, which means 98% didn’t own slaves and that means Whites had to build this country from scratch virtually on their own. He also totally forgets to mention the Irish slaves who were less valuable than blacks were. I doubt he even knows this fact, and if he did, I bet he would probably claim they were privileged back then too.

Allred says that white people can’t be described as good until the  “entire system” is changed. But then he goes on to say that, “I didn’t say there are ‘no good white people’ – I meant until the system changes completely to erase these stereotypes in general, no white people should be seen as de facto good. We (white people) should be seen in grades of ‘less bad’ to balance out the ways other groups are unfairly seen.”


Of course Allred’s idea of  a “solution” to all of these imaginary injustices that exists in the minds of these “victims” is to make sure the “privileged” are treated differently in order to achieve equality. This is very similar to when the Bolsheviks convinced the proletariat (the have-nots) that they should rebel against the bourgeoisie (the haves) in order to make some magical workers paradise where everyone will be equal and happy. Well Kevin, if you actually knew world history, instead of trying to convince white students how awesome Beyonce is, maybe you would realize that whole make-everyone-equal-thing ended up getting hundreds of millions of people killed. Allred is indeed an appropriate name for this self-proclaimed queer feminist as he is pushing the same red communist script but just replacing “the bourgeois” with “White people.”

I have the solution right here in my hand.
I have the solution to the word’s problems right here in my hand.

The Red Queer continues to make excuses without realizing that he is a flaming hypocrite when he further says, “I was trying to point out the irony that stereotypes affect people of color so that they are never seen as individuals, they are always answering for the stereotype that is applied to an entire group.”  I see, so saying that all white people are not good and all have these magical, invisible privileges is not putting a stereotype on an entire group of people now is it?

It is quite clear that the Cultural Marxist Jews have totally infiltrated our universities and have successfully been able to put anti-whites like the Red Queer Kevin Allred,  the ASU edge lord Robert Poe, and Boston University’s Saidia “I hate all white males” Grundy, in positions where they can effectively brainwash our children into worshiping black people while simultaneously hating themselves for things they have never done.

We all know that if a White professor said, “there are no good black people,” he would be immediately fired and his life would be totally destroyed. But in the Soviet States of America, being anti-white gets you your own comedy sitcoms and teaching positions. This double standard is out there for all to see, and some white folks do get mad about it, but getting mad it is not enough, we have to do something about it.

Clearly the war for our future will be determined by who will obtain the loyalty of our youth, and that means that the battles need to be fought on our campuses, where the Jews have reigned supreme since the 60’s.

The Chairman of the NYF, Angelo John Gage, has already begun trolling operations against Allred on his twitter account. Knowing Gage, he is already preparing to take action against Rutgers for allowing this clown to get away with his anti-white rhetoric.


Feel free to join in the trollfest @KevinAllred.

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