Bestiality in Germany (Good Job Getting Rid of Hitler!)

Daily Stormer
May 1, 2014

You asked for this.

YouTube description:

Bestiality is one of the last great taboos, an act deemed so offensive that most countries have banned it. But according to Oliver Burdinski, a self-declared zoophile, intraspecies love really isn’t so bad. Burdinski lost his virginity to the family dog in his early teens, and today he lives with his partner, a Siberian husky, who gets very special treatment. Initially, Burdinski did make efforts to have a normal life, testing out girlfriends and boyfriends, but he just wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t until the advent of the Internet that he realized that he was not alone, and he decided to go zoo for good.

While bestiality technically describes isolated sexual acts between humans and animals, zoophiles tend to develop full-on romantic relationships with their pets, which are typically dogs or horses. Many zoophiles never force themselves on animals sexually, but do allow or encourage animals to pleasure them. There has been much ethical and scientific debate over whether animals can give any kind of consent to human advances. For Burdinski’s part, he seems to believe the relationship he shares with his husky is built on an entirely mutual foundation of love.

Vocativ correspondent Joel Stonington spent a day with Burdinski in the wake of Germany passing a law that bans sexual relationships between man and beast. It’s a rare, evenhanded glimpse into a very misunderstood lifestyle where the traditional bounds of decency are entirely blurred.

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