BEST THING: Nick Fuentes Appears with Alex Jones to Discuss the Groypers on the Move!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

(I don’t know how long this will be on YouTube, so you’d better watch it NOW.)

I have to HIGHLY recommend this latest Alex Jones interview with Nick Fuentes.

The whole thing was just so hilarious, it is difficult to even describe.

It wasn’t even on Alex Jones’ show, it was on Owen Shroyer’s show, The War Room, and Alex invaded and took it over. Owen seemed to be upset about that.

(By the way: Owen’s looking really great, clearly hitting the gym, very nice suit. But he needs to grow that mustache out a bit because that looks like an Islamic beard.)

They took calls and some Owen Benjamin fan called in and Nick said “he’s I guess a Jewish homosexual and I’ve heard that he masturbates with men.” Alex started laughing and was like “okay, okay, well, we can’t go into all of that – I’m sorry I started this by calling Sebastian Gorka a big fat gay guy.”

Alex played the Cookie Monster clip in its entirety, and said (paraphrase) “now, this is clearly a joke, but the Holocaust, the thing is, with these numbers, it’s, it’s, it’s – well, we don’t need to go into all that.”

The whole show was just so much fun that it is impossible to begin to put it into words.

At one point Alex flips out and starts saying he’s just going to host all of the shows himself, because a caller was left on hold for too long.

I cannot tell you the joy that this show filled me with, from start to finish. I must tell you: I love Alex Jones so, so much. He is literally my best internet friend. I am still outraged that they took him out of the conversation, and made it so hard to watch his show.

As I said before, not being able to watch his show is like not being able to hang out with him. It’s literally no different than if I was driving over to Alex Jones’ house and a group of ratfaced Jews stopped me on the road and said “sorry, you’re not allowed to go to Alex Jones’ house, you have to go home and hang out alone, by yourself. Or you can go to Benny Johnson’s house and watch him masturbate to gay porn in-between performing acts of plagiarism.”

No one believes that what they have done to Alex, what they have done to me, what they have done to so many others, is anything other than a violation of the First Amendment. If they tell you they believe that, they are lying to you.

The Founding Fathers couldn’t possibly have imagined the internet, and a situation where literally all publishing is owned by Jewish-dominated monopoly corporations. If they had imagined that, they would have put it explicitly in the First Amendment that these monopoly corporations have to respect freedom of speech.

Anyway – can’t recommend the interview enough.

I have not had so much fun in a long time.

Nick is going to be back on with AJ on Tuesday at 2:00 EST on

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