Best /pol/ Anon on SJWs and Their Eventual Eating of Themselves While Alive

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2014

I found this greatly informative gif on 8/pol/ - can you imagine what else you might learn there, good friend?
I found this greatly informative gif on 8/pol/ – can you imagine what else you might learn there, good friend?


For whatever reason, I didn’t include links in this post.  I am adding links now. 

/pol/ – “Politically Incorrect” (exodus board, but not the exact same thing as 4/pol/)

/news+/ – Hotwheels new news board (just getting started, has potential)

/natsoc/ – National Socialist board (suggested by commenter, I haven’t read it but it looks straight up what it sounds like it would be)

I have been meaning to write a final piece on the collapse of cuckchan/pol/ and why exactly I believe 8chan is the future of channing. But I’ve actually been physically ill, guys. Not even joking. For the first time in like five or ten years. I’ve got aches and pains and swollen lymph nodes.

Seriously. It’s like this.

These nodes, brah.
These nodes, brah.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping the site going, doing the old laptop in the bed while typing on your side system, but I haven’t had the creative energies to say what needs to be said about the state of the union of /pol/.

Basically, the complaints about 8/pol/ are that it is lacking in the funposting that made 4/pol/ enjoyable – that it is too strict and everyone is called JIDF for trying to party just a little bit.

I can see this as a valid issue.  But understand that it doesn’t really matter, only in the immediate does it matter, because there are no rules on 8chan except those created by the board owner (and no CP), meaning if current /pol/ fails, a new /pol/ can rise.  Mayhaps under some other title.  Maybe we are being too nostalgic.

The point is, Hotwheels is not going to jerk us around like the CEO of Troll, Inc. jerked us and Jewed us – it is just a matter of getting together an environment which works.

I have even thought of having some official DS board hosted on 8chan.  But you know, I have so much to do these days.  I haven’t even figured out my shekels.  And now with these nodes….

Anyway, I have been reading and enjoying 8/pol/ for a while now, and want to encourage its use.  So here today I will post a post I found on there and liked:

[Contains adult language]

best pol commentary

The ironic thing is it’s because of them that I moved to the Right.

You begin to understand that the far-leftists are even worse and more unreasonable than than the Christian fundies I hated, especially the zealot ways they pursue their causes, how they rally behind lying demagogues playing professional victim especially victimhood where it doesn’t exist and set up these illegal inquisitions and they censor a whole lot more as well. Their extreme ignorance of facts, appeals to emotion, and how they make up statistics like those ridiculous blatantly false 1-in-5 rapes and 70 to every dollar nonsense. Worst of all is when morons believe them

I also understand why this happened. It was because ironically, the right was more principled and actually believed in Freedom of Speech. Nixon himself said the reason he didn’t censor the left the way the Soviets do to the right especially in the universities was because they were better than them and actually allowed them to say anything they wish. Of course that eventually backfired, when all these literal communist professors in universities who reported directly to the Kremlin weren’t prosecuted for their subversion and treason, they raised this new generation of identity confused psychos, all because they allowed to them to speak. Of course, there were people who didn’t believe this was going to happen. I mean, back in the 80-90s alone, if you told anyone the shit happening now like gender social construct nonsense or radial leftism thing to indoctrinate children they’d either tell you it was “just a phase”, or those kids were just being edgy [Which is the original definition of “Edgy”, rebellion against traditional values], or fucking call you a tinfoil. The Venona Papers came out and it was all true, that America was subverted by weirdo fringe insane leftist ideals the Soviets themselves found to be the most abhorrent and most ridiculous things only meant as a joke to cause the collapse of society.

No leftist can ever create a strong and stable society because there will be a lack of commons. Everyone is just in this shit for themselves, their own group. Soon, if not already, we’re seeing leftists will eat each other like that #solidarityisforwhitewomen bit. You have to ask, once all the white guys “check their privilege”, who is next on the list? White women. Why? Because they’re white. All because they’re white. And when they’re raped and eatten alive like what happened in Haiti centuries ago after the whites willingly gave them everything and checked their privilege, well… What happens after that? It’ll just end up a moronic privilege war special snowflake olympics where they eat each other alive. Homosexuals and blacks fucking hate each other. Latinos and blacks fucking hate each other. Trannies fucking hate CIS women.

It’ll just be FUBAR.

Only in the end do they understand they voted for their own guillotine.

Many, many other good posters to be found there. As many as 4/pol/, there is just more moderation and thus less funposting. Also the IDs make posting less fun, generally.

But at the same time, they are getting trolled hard with “kike on a stick,” pedo-porno, pro-pedo spam, and all of the rest of the typical troll methods that tend to destroy WN message boards, so they must have rules.

I would like to continue to support 8/pol/, or at least 8chan, by posting some weekly “best of /pol/” posts like the one above. I will do my best to fit it in my schedule.

If you find some good posts on 8/pol/ or somewhere else on 8chan, please take a screenshot, and then copy the text itself into an email and send them both to

And finally, so as you all shall remember that there is more to life than SJWs, violent Black complainers, Jews, feminists and so on, here are some beautiful pictures of different kinds of frogs.

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