Best Korea Thot Patrol: Virtuous Leader Kim Cracks Down on Treasonous Teenage Sluts

This is the purity to which all young women must aspire.

In the decadent Capitalist West, whose alarmingly rapid collapse we document every day, the Internet is the gateway through which impressionable, hormonal youth first discover pornography, sexualized imagery, and endless information about masturbation, prostate orgasms, home abortions and gender identity spectrums.

These sad and fatalistic lifestyles are presented as clever and liberating, both in every kid’s smartphone and in the schools themselves. The schools spend more time teaching them about these things, from a very young age, than they ever dedicate to teaching them linear algebra or how to code. They also give them contraceptives, and tell them that they are powerless to control their own basic impulses.

There is another way.

New York Post:

Kim Jong Un has gone nuclear in a new crusade against sex — lashing out at “immorality” and “impure acts” among teens in the Hermit Kingdom, according to a report.

After lying low off and on for the past few weeks, the reclusive leader has targeted what he deems “treasonous” behavior by youth with overactive sex drives, the UK’s Express reported.

Blaming “decadent capitalist influences,” including porn smuggled over the Chinese border, Kim suggested that parents and teachers could face punishment if they fail to control teens’ behavior.

“Recently more and more high school boys and girls are engaging in immoral sexual deviance, and the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party has issued a directive calling for strong measures against them,” a source told Radio Free Asia, according to Express.

“The reason behind this order is that the local Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League in Sinuiju inspected high school students, and found that some high school boys and girls hang out with local gangsters, live together, and commit immoral acts such as prostitution,” the source said.

“The immoral sexual behavior of students, who are influenced by capitalist lifestyles, has become a problem,” the person added. “The committee defined sexual promiscuity among teenagers as a treasonous act that helps the enemy to destroy our society.

“And since they are warning of strong punishment, students are shaking with fear.”

As well they should be, dear Leader.

As well they should be.

Constant vigilance and the threat of punishment is the only method in history which has ever succeeded in keeping young women from ruining themselves and their future families with reckless sluttery.

To stem the rise in “sexual promiscuity,” largely due to a rise in electronic media, the committee has “ordered schools to check students for phones or other devices they might have with them,” the source said.

This is accomplished using an application called Red Flag, which keeps a record of all sites visited by users and randomly takes screenshots that can be checked by authorities.

Another source warned there was widespread alarm at the strict measures among educators.

“Teachers are anxious because of the warning that school principals, advisers to the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League and the Korean Children’s Union, and school teachers, will also be punished if there is a serious sexual violation among students,” the source said.

In North Korea, people’s phones will now be monitored by the government – just as they are monitored in the decadent Capitalist West.

But instead of doing this covertly, to target people with advertisements to induce them to go further into debt for things they don’t need, it will now be done openly and honestly, with the sincere and noble purpose of curtailing the naturally immoral and degenerate tendencies of young women.

In North Korea, there are no race riots, no migrant welfare, no flu hoaxes, and no tranny story hours.

Instead, the State has opted to use its power to ensure that every man is entitled to a pure and virginal bride. This is a truly wise and visionary policy.

It is clear that long after the West has totally collapsed, the people of North Korea will continue to live dignified and harmonious lives, working under the fatherly guidance of their beloved Supreme Leader, towards the perfection of the Juche Ideal.