Bernie Wins New Hampshire! Biden Comes in FIFTH (8%)!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2020

Good, good…

Everything going to plan…

Tell me how Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination now?

How are they going to fix it now?

There is no path to a loss for him, short of catastrophic failure.

Pete Buttigieg is going where all homosexuals go: straight to hell.

Joe Biden’s 8% is probably the saddest thing I’ve seen so far in my lifetime, and if he doesn’t do a press conference in the next ten minutes and drop out then I am simply disgusted by his grandsons. If this was my grandpa, there is no way.

Joe fled the state early, going straight to South Carolina, saying the same thing he said when he left Iowa, “this is a town full of losers, we’re blowing out of here to win,” in his bus that falsely claims that he is the “soul of America.”

In fact, Joe, James Brown is the soul of America.

You are not a sex machine, Joe.

You are not even black.

When he arrived in North Carolina, he and his team flashed guitars just like switchblades at his millions of supporters.

Joe said that he was going to do well in New Hampshire, and that was simply another dirty boomer lie.

Elizabeth Warren should actually kill herself in shame, but women don’t ever do that because they are selfish and don’t have any shame. But she’s out of the game as well.

What America wants is to abolish private property in the name of the revolution, to kill rich people and for millions to starve to death.

This is fine.

The competing vision of America is that of the endless sodomy of all teenage boys under a Sodom Regime.

No one is interested in Joe Biden’s “Thunder Road” bullshit.

We’re scared of you and we’re thinking you’re not that young anymore, Joe, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to drive down nostalgia lane with you, straight off a pier.

Nor is anyone interested in going back to the days of the Indians with Chief Moneybags.

We want millions upon millions of people to starve to death during collectivization.

Andrew Yang dropped out, and he did just as well as Biden and Warren, with his zero delegates.