Bernie Sanders Accuses Donald Trump of Betraying the Working People Who Put Him in Office

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

The Jew Bernie Sanders is pointing out that Trump betrayed the working people who put him in office, a move that’s obviously intended to remind people that Bernie is the only candidate for the “working class.”

He’s not wrong about Trump though.


Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday accused President Donald Trump of betraying the working people who put him in office and challenged him to deny federal contracts to General Motors until the company reopens shuttered plants.

The biggest lie was that he was going to stand up for working families and take on the establishment,” the Democratic presidential contender told a Pittsburgh rally in his first visit of 2019 to the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania. “That was a monstrous lie.”

Earlier in Lordstown, Ohio, and again in Pittsburgh, Sanders pressed Trump to put action behind his words on GM plant closings. Trump has assailed the company for shutting its small-car factory in Lordstown, in a politically important state, complaining about the company’s leadership and a local union leader while seldom mentioning the other U.S. factories that GM plans to close.

That’s not enough, Sanders said.

His message to GM and other multinationals: “If you want a federal contract paid for by taxpayers, treat your workers with respect and dignity. No more paying your workers inadequate wages while you provide CEO’s with multimillion-dollar parachutes, no more taking away health care benefits, no more denying workers the right to form a union.

“And if you are not a good and responsible corporate citizen, do not think that you will get federal contracts.”

Calling what Trump did a betrayal may be being too harsh on the man. After reading the Kushner, Inc. review by Mister Anglin, incompetence and Alzheimer sound like better words to describe it.

He married his daughter to a Jew and stood still as they ritually mutilated and sucked his grandson’s penis.

“Why did Trump betray the American people?” isn’t even an interesting question to ask.

Wouldn’t you rather ask how does Donald Trump feel about the fact that his grandson’s penis was ritually mutilated to appease the Jewish volcano demon god?

We can answer the boring question ourselves, or at least we can theorize about it.

He invited snakes into his family and got poisoned.

Maybe he’s losing his mind. Maybe he never planned to help the people. Maybe he lied.

Maybe he never really had any intention to win the election, and genuinely has no idea what is even going on.

Or maybe he tried his very best.

It doesn’t matter. 

Bernie Sanders is not wrong. Trump promised to bring jobs and to help working Americans, but instead helped Israel and released a bunch of nigger crack dealers from prison, and now he’s in the process of helping foreigners.

But don’t worry, he’ll help those foreigners legally.

He tells his voters that yes, he created plenty of jobs, but that those jobs aren’t for them nor for their children. Those jobs are for foreigners.

What’s the point of bringing jobs to America if Americans are not going to work those jobs?

If the argument is that somehow all Americans are working good jobs and now we have to feed more workers to the economy to fill all of these allegedly newly available jobs so the economy doesn’t explode, then the argument is that it’s inevitable for an economically successful people to be replaced in their own countries, which is an insane argument to make.

If the economy really needs foreign workers to not explode, then we’ll let this retarded suicide system explode before it kills us.

We’ll create something better from its ashes.