Bernie Rallies Around in Defense of Tulsi After Vicious Clinton Conspiracy Attacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2019

Hillary Clinton is really unhinged, and it just shows the power that the Clinton Crime Family has that no one within the Democrat establishment has been able to silence her. She just keeps on going and going, ensuring the the establishment wing of the party removes any and all doubt about its status as completely and totally disconnected from the people it is supposed to represent.

Her recent attacks on Tulsi Gabbard, wherein she accused her of being a Russian spy, were a kind of ultimate kook failure. Firstly, Tulsi is not doing very well in the polls, so it is pointless to attack her. Secondly, she is generally well liked by those who are aware of her.

Tulsi has been able to capitalize majorly on these attacks.

And the entire non-establishment wing of the party has been forced to rally behind her.


2020 White House hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is defending fellow presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused her, without evidence, of being a Russian asset.

“Tulsi Gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. People can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that Tulsi is a foreign asset,” Sanders tweeted Monday evening.

Sanders joins 2020 Democrats Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson in expressing support for Gabbard in response to Clinton contending in a Friday interview that the congresswoman is “the favorite of the Russians,” who was being “groomed” by the Kremlin as a potential third-party candidate.

For those who missed it (I don’t know how you could have), this is what Hillary said of Gabbard, while appearing on the podcast of some rando:

[Russia] has a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting [Gabbard] so far. That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a Russian asset.

They know they can’t win without a third-party candidate, and so I do not know who it’s going to be, but I can guarantee you they will have a vigorous third-party challenge in the key states that they most need it.

There is a line being drawn now, where that disgusting Indian chief Elizabeth Warren is going to have to make a decision as to whether she stands with the establishment and the deranged Russian conspiracy theory wing of the Democrat Party, or whether she stands with people who are not kooks.

If I was Bernie, I would be pushing hard to force that issue.

We know that Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg believe in this kook gibberish. But Warren is an establishment candidate pretending not to be, so force her to show her cards.

Come on Bernie. 

Do something.

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