Bernie Kills It at Town Hall; BTFOs Fox News Corpo Shills

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2019

When the Fox News toady started shilling for CorpoCare, he was legit surprised to find just how unpopular his opinion was.

No one wanted to cheer for private health care plans.

Instead, the majority of the room cheered for having government-provided healthcare.

What makes this funny is that the Fox News guy was genuinely thrown off-guard by this reaction. He had no clue that his pre-approved GOP establishment talking points would not be well-received.

Daily Mail:

Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders faced off in a town hall with two Fox News hosts Monday night about who would pay for a universal healthcare system.

‘Senator, this audience has a lot of Democrats in it. It has Republicans, independents, Democratic Socialists, conservatives. I want to ask the audience a question, if you could raise your hand here, a show of hands of how many people get their insurance from work, private insurance, right now?’ Fox News host Bret Baier asked the audience.

More than half the audience for Fox’s town hall, which was held in the center of the rust-belt in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, raised their hand in the poll.

‘OK. Of those, how many are willing to transition to what the senator says, a government-run system?’ Baier asked, which was met with even more hands raising and cheers from the audience. 

This was a huge win for Bernie that was handed to him on a platter by the Fox News hosts. This is because Bret Baier is not very intelligent. Few people on Fox are, but at least they are good-looking for the most part. Bret, however, looks fat and deformed. He also cries a lot in public, which most cuckservatives seem to enjoy doing.

Furthermore, he inexplicably chooses to spell his first name with one “t” – Bret.

This only serves to make him seem even less intelligence than his physical appearance would naturally suggest he should be.

The smart guy move would be to add another “t” to the end of the name – Brett – to make it respectable and less infantile. That’s the difference between a goofy-looking Supreme Court judge and a goofy-looking Fox New TV anchor.

It’s all in the extra “t.” You can literally never go wrong by adding consonants to your name. It’s a social status cheat code.


On a deeper level, this little incident shows just how unpopular the official Republican position of throwing American workers to the tender mercies of their corporate overlords is. If Bernie wasn’t a proven old doddering shill, I think that he’d have a shot at the primaries. But as things stand now, he’s a moderate and an old face.

I don’t like his chances.