Crucifixion of Julian Assange Proves American Democracy is a Sham

Daily reminder: Julian Assange is still in jail.


A new mural of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, dubbed Collateral Crucifixion, has been unveiled in Berlin, graphically depicting the whistleblower’s persecution by American and British governments.

WikiLeaks shared an image of the 20-meter-high Berlin mural “drawing attention” to its founder’s plight on Tuesday via Twitter, with the artwork depicting Assange being crucified as a defender of press freedoms against a hostile military-industrial complex under a hybrid US-British flag.

The mural’s three artists have operated under the moniker ‘Captain Borderline’ since 1999, creating street art that critiques society and politics. Berlin is also home to a bronze statue of Assange erected in 2015.

The journalist, currently imprisoned at Belmarsh Prison in London, faces a prison term of up to 175 years if extradited to the US and convicted of offenses under the Espionage Act.

Washington’s case against Assange consists of 18 charges, including espionage and computer misuse relating to WikiLeaks’ disclosure of more than 250,000 classified documents on US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The mural’s unveiling comes amid an outpouring of international solidarity for the Australian in his legal battle against US extradition. Assange received a message of support from Pope Francis on March 28, Palm Sunday in the Roman Catholic Church.

A week earlier, three Australian MPs met with a high official in the US Embassy in Canberra to argue for Assange’s release. Andrew Wilkie, one of the MPs in the cross-party delegation who sat down with embassy charge d’affaires Michael Goldman, said that Washington’s campaign against Assange is “obviously not in the public interest and must be dropped.”

I don’t generally appreciate modern art at all, but even outside of the politics, I actually do like this mural, which reminds me of comic book or storyboard art.

The crucifixion of Julian Assange really does demonstrate what a massive sham democracy is better than anything else I can think of. The situation is 100% straightforward – the man has been persecuted and charged with crimes for committing journalism.

Everyone on earth agrees that he should be released. Even the sickening evil Pope is out there saying it, to get himself points. But faceless people no one knows anything about, such as Michael Goldman of the US embassy in Australia, just say “nope, sorry.”

Donald Trump’s half-Jewish Attorney General William Barr focused on building a case against Assange while he was also:

  • Letting Jeffrey Epstein die in prison
  • Refusing to investigate Epstein’s death
  • Refusing to stop states from illegally using emergency powers to deprive people of every Constitutional right in the face of a fake flu pandemic
  • Refusing to prosecute Antifa-BLM rioters burning down entire cities
  • Refusing to investigate the organizational structure of Antifa, which is a political terror group
  • Refusing to intervene in illegal mail-in voting actions by states
  • Confirming the election fraud as legitimate

Probably both left and right wanted to know about Epstein too, but certainly, the persecution of Assange proves that Barr wasn’t just a leftist operative.

More recently, you’ve had all of these things that Trump was attacked for being celebrated under Biden. Biden is now pushing “the WHO is a China shill organization,” something that the entire Democrat Party had denounced as racist.

Certainly, leftists don’t typically support war in the Middle East, or likely in Asia, something that the Biden Administration is pushing hard.

When you look at this stuff straight on, you have to come to the conclusion that left and right are actually a complete scam, and there is an underlying agenda that uses both right and left politics to push through an agenda. When you see a place where both right and left agree, and the state disagrees, the mask comes off.

Democrats can’t blame Republicans for persecuting Assange, and Republicans can’t blame Democrats for persecuting Assange. Making an example of a journalist who went off the reservation is simply state policy, no matter how the public feels.

What this does is highlight the fact that every other agenda is the same thing – whether it is Republicans pushing war or Democrats pushing immigration, it is all coming from a single state entity that uses partisan democracy politics to blame the public for their agenda.

Dropping charges against Assange would be the easiest thing in the world, it would be supported by all sides, but it won’t happen because the actual power structure behind this democracy veil doesn’t want it to happen.