Berlin: Vast Majority of Deportees are Other Europeans

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2017

The more shit-skins Berlin has, the more likely Sweden is to survive

The message is clear – If you’re not brown, get out of town!


Despite there being many illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers from North Africa and the Middle East, last year the Berlin government has overwhelmingly deported only migrants from the Balkan states.

In 2016, only 2,028 failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants were deported from the German capital, 80 per cent of which came from the Balkans.  This year, migrants from the Balkans still lead in deportations as the Berlin government has largely refused to deport migrants from North Africa and Afghanistan, Berliner Morgenpost reports.

So far this year, the largest group of people deported by the Berlin government came from the Eastern European nation of Moldova (562), the poorest country in Europe where as many as 25,000 people become victims of human trafficking gangs each year. Other deported migrants come from the Balkan nations of Albania (59),  Serbia (45), and Kosovo (36).

Were the (((authorities))) worried they’d get jobs and obey the laws?

Because I’m pretty sure that’s what the overwhelming majority of them would’ve done, even most of the Albanians. Unlike the shit-skins that you’re so eager to diversify you to death…

If you cover them up in tin foil, it’s like they live forever

If this were a matter of normal Germans just not wanting other Europeans in their country, it would be perfectly fine. Germans should be the only ones deciding who lives in Germany, it’s just common sense. Kicking out other Europeans while flooding your country with shit-skinned monkey people is kinda… well, retarded.


Ah, there we go. That’s more like it. Give these strapping young lads free everything forever, and make sure if they rape anyone, the police cover it up. It they run people over with a truck, that’s not a big deal, because it’s only because of mental illness.

BTW: why haven’t any Krauts rioted to keep the Moldovans and Serbs in the country? They did it for a goat-fucker from Afghanistan, why not do it for people who are more or less like you, and whom you know for an absolute fact aren’t gonna suddenly explode around you?

510 migrants have left the capital city voluntarily from January to April of this year, most of them from Moldova, as the government gives them financial assistance for returning to their native country.

The number of migrants who have either been deemed to be staying in the country illegally or have failed their asylum claim has increased steadily in Berlin. Estimates in March of this year say there are at least 11,417 people who are supposed to leave the country.

Hakan Taş, a member of the Left Party, or Die Linke, said “every deportation is too many”, and that the government in Berlin should look exclusively at voluntary exits from the country.

Die Linke(means “The Left”) is the literal successor to the Communist Party in East Germany. Their luminaries include this kike:

The Krauts should feel guilty for not actually gassing any kikes

The German federal government has been trying to increase the number of deportations of Afghan nationals for the last several months, but the left wing coalition in Berlin is against the move. The Berlin government is joined by several other left wing regional governments who have worked to undermine the deportation policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

One criticism of the deportation policy stems from the cost of repatriating North Africans, with many countries in the region refusing to take back their citizens.

Then just hang them – it’s fast, cheap and good for the environment since you can use one rope more than once. It’s not like any of them don’t deserve, or wouldn’t do worse to you if given the chance…

There is no rational argument for permitting these creatures to infest our planet