Berlin: Lesbo District Mayor Seeks to Seize Private Holiday Homes and Give Them to Invading Hordes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2015

Goyim, I...
Goyim, I…

In Germany, things just got way stupider again.

The Local:

Amid rising tensions around the Pegida movement, a Berlin official stirred alarm on Monday with a proposal to commandeer private holiday apartments to house asylum seekers.

The mayor of the capital’s eastern Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, Monika Herrmann, has deemed it “tactically shrewder” to temporarily take over unused private apartments than set up temporary accommodation in places like school sports halls, the Berliner Morgenpost reported.

Herrmann, who is no stranger to controversial proposals, later said that she had merely requested the city Senate to check the legality of such a move. She then added that the mulled accomodation of asylum seekers in commandeered properties would only be for a few months at a time

“That won’t really hurt anyone,” added the mayor, who briefed colleagues from other Berlin districts last week on her brainwave.

The mayor justified her plan by saying the pressure to accommodate refugees was subjecting the social services to unsustainable pressure.

She cited the example of school sports halls being used to accommodate refugees, although she said no sports activities for pupils had yet been cancelled as a result.

However, city senator for justice Thomas Heilmann slammed the apartment idea as unworkable and said the mayor had “not thought it through”.

Home owners subjected to such measures would inevitably take the matter to court, Heilmann said, warning against meddling with “basic rights”.

lol @ “basic rights.” Like, “man, wait a second, I think we might be almost just about to go too far with this thing.”

It really is like the whole concept of a government forcing a country it rules to accept millions of hostile poor people who will never integrate into their society is so nuts that the basic idea of it crosses some threshold of insanity where once it is accepted anything which is said afterwards is not considered insane because the concept of insanity is no longer relevant.

If that makes sense.

Dyke Bitch Monika Herrmann fraternizes with her pet Negroes
Dyke Bitch Monika Herrmann fraternizes with her pet Negroes

I mean, it seems like basic normal common sense that if a government official comes out and says “yeah I’ve been thinking about these people protesting and demanding we stop bringing all of these primitive third world people into the country, and I think the best solution is to start seizing people’s private property and giving it to the primitives” she would be immediately relieved of his position and required to undergo mental health treatment. Instead people are just like “yeah man I dunno I don’t think that will help much lol.”

This is so obviously a Jew program to completely obliterate the German people.  How is it possible every single one of them doesn’t see it?