Berlin: Irate Islamics Attack Skaven Moneylenders for Listening to Hebrew Pop

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

If you’d asked me to name the biggest benefits of diversity last year, I’d have probably gone with “ethnic food,” “international cuisine” and “borderless gastronomy.”

In that order.

Nowadays, I’m convinced that diversity’s biggest benefit its ability to transform our drab, colorless cities into vibrant zoos that wouldn’t look out of place on Animal Planet.


A Jewish Israeli teen and two of his friends were attacked by several Arab Muslims on the Berlin subway on Saturday for listening to Hebrew-language musician Omer Adam, it is claimed.

The incident occurred at the Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn station, near the site of the deadly Christmas Market terror attack that occurred in December of 2016 in which 12 people were killed by radical Islamic extremist and failed asylum seeker Anis Amri.

Christmas market attack? I think I remember it…

Damn things all blend into one after a while!

According to 17-year-old Yonatan, the Arabs, who claimed to be originally from the Gaza strip, approached him and his friends after hearing the Hebrew lyrics of Israeli Omer Adam’s song which was playing on one of the teen’s mobile phones, bestselling German tabloid Bild reports.

According to the teen, the Muslims shouted at them: “Music in Hebrew? For 70 years you have killed children. Berlin is our city now and here we do not listen to dirty Jewish music.”

I’ve never heard of Omer Adam before, so I looked him up.

Big mistake.

Those stinky Moslems were right to be disgusted by this music, and would’ve been 100% justified in raising their armpits and gassing those kikes on the spot.

I feel like I should take issue with them calling Berlin “our city now,” but…

… Where’s the lie?

“If I had a knife, I would have killed you … if I see you again, you are finished,” one of the Muslims is said to have added.

When the two friends tried to intervene in the argument, they were attacked by the group of Muslims, according to Yonatan, who said one person was hit in the face while another was attacked with a piece of a glass bottle and had to be sent to a nearby hospital.

Inside sources inform me that this isn’t the complete story. Apparently, an anti-Semitic Englishman overheard the Moslem talk about killing the Jew, whispered “pssst, Mohammed, over here!” and discreetly handed him his sharpest weapon.

When the Moslem discovered that the whisk was incapable of piercing the Jew’s skin, however, he became even more enraged and resorted to the glass bottle.

According to a report from the German newspaper Tagesspiegel earlier this year, the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes in Berlin has doubled between 2013 and 2017. Other reports claim that in schools derogatory phrases such as “you Jew!” have become common in schools with high concentrations of migrant-background pupils from Turkey and the Middle East.

Then perhaps the Jews shouldn’t have opened Europe’s borders to hajidom, eh?

At least these little Israeli hamsters have an ethnostate of their own to return to once Germany becomes too colorful for comfort. Actual Germans have the choice of either relocating to another country (that’s also likely to be earmarked for enrichment), or bracing themselves for the bloodiest race war in history.

All because of that thing they did 75 years ago…