Berlin Firewall: Germany Leads the World in Internet Censorship Requests

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2017

The Angela Merkel regime – which with its fourth term will now enjoy uninterrupted power for longer than Hitler – ratcheted up its control over internet information in 2016. Today, Deutschland leads the world in Facebook and Google “shut-it-down” requests. Most of it is aimed at political speech, especially criticism of Germany’s outlandish immigration policy.

But it’s got nothing to do with the state trying to manipulate elections, Goyim!

Few – if any – voices in our journalist-terrorist establishment have uttered a single criticism of the German state’s censorship. Note that these same entities will cry a river over Russia banning PornHub or Turkey shutting down calls to violently overthrow the government. In Germany, gay BDSM tranny porn remains legal and encouraged while the Holocaust is the official state religion, which in the minds of our Jew-run media makes them”the leaders of the free world.”

Before the election, any anti-Merkel (or pro-AfD) news was declared a part of a Russian conspiracy and either shut down or simply declared invalid by all other media.

Here is one example of many – this one from election day – featuring journalists heaping praise and providing cover for Angela Merkel shutting down enough opposition news to squeak by to “victory”… with a 33% plurality.

An online network of social media accounts linked to Russia is trying to boost messages connected to the far-right Alternative for Germany as the country’s voters head to the polls today, according to analysis by the Atlantic Council, a think-tank.

The researchers said that a so-called botnet — a collection of automated accounts that can repost messages quickly to spread them widely online — with links to Russia had started to promote hashtags on Twitter connected to the AfD over the last 48 hours. There had been a significant spike in such online activities, according to the think-tank’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, in an effort to boost far-right turnout during the election.

“Its continued amplification of the far-right messaging suggests either that the bot manager is an AfD supporter, or that AfD supporters have paid for a Russian botnet to amplify their messaging,” the researchers said in a blogpost in relation to the Russian botnet’s activities.

The links between AfD supporters and Russian online groups come as many in Germany remain concerned the country’s election may still become a target for digital trickery despite a lack of fake news and other online misinformation so far in the campaign.

What a cohencidence. It can’t be that there is a substantial majority of the German population that opposes Merkel and the transplantation of Germans with blacks and Arabs. Instead, they tell you that the opposition is nothing but a conspiracy by “Russia bots.”

Where is the proof? Who are the Russians controlling the Alternative Fur Deutschland election campaign? Is this just a cynical ploy to suppress political opponents?

A real journalist would at least entertain these questions. Jew cadres (what MSM journalists really are), on the other hand, just assert it and expect you to be too dumb to question what they’re doing here. They also hope you are unable to access news that do question the status quo so that you keep coming back to them for more lies. By saying everyone who criticizes Angela Merkel is a Russian spy divulging fake news, they are able to use government power to obstruct the opposition’s electoral competitiveness.

If Germany had a free and open internet, Merkel and her right-hand man/”opposition” Martin Schulz would’ve been crushed at the ballot box. With the internet heavily suppressed, I eagerly anticipate to see an analysis of how much TV and radio campaigning time AfD got in comparison to the Merkel/Schulz junta.

Four time Chancellor and five time Goy of the Year recipient Merkel should not assume that her tyranny can go on forever without triggering a response.

All hail the “FREE” world! 

The 90s band Silverchair prophesied the evil Merkel dystopia with remarkable accuracy back in 1999 (except the youth is “fascist” and hates the New World Jewish Order):