Berlin Father Rewrites Snow White, Removes Whites, Adds Diversity, Race-Mixing and Feminism

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2019

What this faggot did to Snow White is what the primitive-skinned and traitors are doing to white countries.

Daily Mail:

A father has re-written Snow White after being concerned that the original taught his daughter her ‘self-worth revolves around beauty’.

Author Stephan Kalinski, 38, of Berlin, took it upon himself to rework the classic tale after revisiting them at bedtime with his daughter Lena, now five.

With some clever tweaks to the plot, Mr Kalinski transformed Snow White from helpless princess to empowered heroine.


He said: ‘While reading Snow White to my daughter, she was about three-and-a-half, at the time and loved this story.

Something really struck me. Snow White is about good vs. evil but essentially, I am teaching her that it is important for you (as a girl) to be pretty and that your self-worth revolves a​round beauty, doing housework and that she should wait to be saved.

‘That felt really wrong and I do not want her to grow up believing that what is important in her life is how she looks. I therefore started changing the word “fairest” to “brave” while reading.’

What a faggot. I’m surprised that his sperm managed to reach an egg.

Demonizing beauty is just another pillar of Equality. Everyone is supposed to be worth the same.

In reality, beauty isn’t some random genetic lottery thing but a superbly important sign of the substance behind a person, and it foretells — to different degrees — fertility, intelligence, and overall health, while also telling a tale of the past.

Back in less civilized times, the most beautiful women were sure to be claimed by the most powerful men and the most powerful men were likely to be the most capable men, be it in matters of physical strength, leadership, smarts, or any other quality critical at their time.

That dynamic resulted in beautiful offspring, and repeating the cycle reinforced and expanded the beauty of a people.

There is a reason every skin color rates white women as the most beautiful women and white men as the most beautiful men, and that reason is tied to the reason why every skin color wants to live in a white country and be more like white people.

Beauty is a force of attraction, it is accumulated genetic wealth — a treasure that must be protected lest the graceless ones degenerate it.

In Mr Kalinski’s version, published this week, brave Snow White conquers her fear of heights to become the ‘bravest of them all’.

The wicked Queen becomes jealous when Snow White outdoes her in bravery, and asks a hunter to kill her and to bring back her heart.

The hunter, a friend of Snow White, ties her to a tree, but the young girl escapes. When Snow White bites the apple and ‘dies,’ a Prince comes, and stumbles upon her see-through coffin in the forest.

He does not kiss the princess but instead trips against the coffin, disturbing Snow White and dislodging the piece of apple that had been stuck in her throat.

Stupid, clumsy men can only save women by chance.

Great life lesson for the little one.

The heroine still meets the Seven Dwarfs – renamed Sabrina, Akashi, Shakti, Leila, Egbo, Li and Thiago – but each represent a different ethnicity and both men are women are represented.

It was a conscious choice from Kalinski to introduce diverse characters to the tale.

Fairy tales give you the chance to teach kids about important values and I think diversity is simply not addressed nearly enough,’ he said. ‘It is such an important concept and I really want my children to grow up valuing it.

These stories have become so well known around the world that it was time to make them more representative of the children reading them.’

At the end, the prince and Snow are not romantically involved, nor do they life ‘happily ever after,’ instead, they go travel the world, one of Snow White’s dearest wishes.

Romance and “living happily ever after” transmit a message of life where one can imagine them forming a family, and this faggot father replaced that with a sterile slut world tour message.

That thing he said about making the stories representative of the children reading them is highly sinister.

The Great Usurpers, lacking the capacity to build and create on their own, aim to replace the builders and creators.

They take over cities and stories to experience, if only temporary, what it means to have a soul.