Berlin: Empowered Women Go on Topless Bike Ride to Protest Patriarchal Norms of the Establishment

Women must always be allowed to do whatever they want at any time, any place, and for any reason or no reason, and be totally shielded from any consequences.

It’s called “pussy power,” okay?

Get used to it.


Dozens of women cycled topless through central Berlin on Saturday to protest regulations that prevent women from removing their tops in public parks unless they are in specially designated areas.

The event, held under the banner “No nipple is free until all nipples are free,” was held in a show of solidarity for a French woman who had not been allowed to sunbathe topless.

Park attendants had asked the woman, who lives in Berlin, to put a top on or leave the park, according to media reports. She was sunning herself near a children’s paddling pool.

The park attendants said the area was not designated for nudism. The woman’s refusal to put a top on led to a police operation and triggered a debate, particularly on social media.

A nationwide movement calling for “Equal Breasts for All” is now demanding woman have the right to go topless in places where men do so too.

“Women”? “Men”?


The Dark Ages called and they want their words back. Gender doesn’t exist, and therefore breasts are neither male nor female – they are just disgusting sacks of human flab.

While it’s important for these women to rise up and destroy the patriarchy with rebellious acts against the establishment, it’s probably time to retire “my body, my choice.”

Although we understand the phrase to mean that a woman should be able to do sexual things however she wants, the phrase harkens back to the dangerous and outmoded patriarchal concept that human beings possess bodily autonomy. It has therefore been picked up by anti-vaxxers who falsely claim that the government doesn’t have the right to force vaccinate people.

Instead of “my body, my choice,” we ask that at future rallies, women fighting against the establishment to get back our rights to abortion, obesity, and public nudity instead use the phrase “pussy power,” or “diversity is our greatest strength.”