Berlin Car Bomb Kills Turk Drug Dealer!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2016


It isn’t terrorism – it’s just terror caused by Moslem drug dealers!


Daily Mail:

A driver has been killed after his car was blown up by an ‘explosive device’ in a suspected Mafia hit while driving throughBerlin.

The blast rocked the city at around 8am (7am GMT) on a busy street in the district of Charlottenburg leading into the heart of the German capital.

Pictures showed the wreckage of the silver VW Passat estate with its windows blown out and front end smashed in around half a mile from the landmark Victory Column.

Police believe the man, identified only as Mesut T., of Turkish origin, was the victim of an organised crime assassination. He lived in an apartment on Bismarckstrasse not far from where he was murdered. He was known to police as a violent drug dealer enmeshed in Berlin’s seedy underworld.

Seedy underworld of Turkish drug dealers!

Cars exploding on the streets of Berlin!

Enriching your culture, goyim!

Same like you, they are!