Berkeley Maoist Cult Leads Flag Burning In Front of Trump Tower

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016


The Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCP-USA) is now leading something it calls the “#FlagburningChallenge,” where it is ordering members of the broader Leftist movement to burn the American flag because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected and Donald Trump is a Fascist (if only):

Back in my Leftist days, I used to know a lot of people in the RCP, and they were some of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet. They aren’t usually trannies, fat ugly chicks or sexual deviants like your run of the mill cookie-cutter Po-Mo Tumblr Leftist, instead, the average RCP USA member distinctly reminded me of someone who was cryogenically frozen at a Vietnam war protest and just woke up.

The median age of their top cadre is 40 or 50 something, and talk to one another using hilariously outdated 1960’s lingo like “faaaarrrr out!”  “groovy,”  and “cat,” and act like the Black Panthers and the Vietnam war are still relevant. When you hear them talk, they look and sound like one of those LSD horror stories where people take a tab and never again come down from the trip.

Here’s one of their members to get a sense of what they’re like:

The RCP is still trying to get in on the Negro agitation movement against the police, but with no real success. They are trying to appeal to these people on an intellectual level (like, opposing police brutality), when in truth, blacks who riot about this stuff are mostly motivated by wanting an excuse to steal stuff or to hurt random white people. Additionally, this traditionalist Marxist-Leninist party has failed to capture the imagination of most of the contemporary left, who are really just comfortable nihilists.

Things like flag burning, black and white egalitarian alliances against what they perceive to be systematic injustices, and Maoist vanguardism have lost their luster and are no longer chic among the neo-liberal Left. So RCP is dying. They’re just a Jim Jonesy clique of zealots trying to relive their ‘Students for a Democratic Society’ days.

The most amusing feature of this party is its freaky cult of personality around the leader, Robert Avakian, or as he is known in their circles, “Chairman Bob.” Chairman Bob has penned probably thousands of glib pages about his “New Synthesis” that promises to deliver the entire human race from poverty and misery, and lives in “hiding” in France because he fears his ideas are so powerful that the US government will assassinate him if he is to reappear.

Blacks paid $20 bucks to take a picture looking like Chairman Bob's "BAsics" are blowing their peanut sized brains on the RCP website.

Blacks paid $20 bucks to take a picture looking like Chairman Bob’s “BAsics” are blowing their peanut sized brains on the RCP website.

He too is a Berkeley burnout. Even though Chairman Mao sold out the “world revolution” to Richard Nixon in order to work with the United States in their mutual agenda to destroy the Soviet Union, Chairman Bob styles himself as a world shaking new evolution in the “science” put out by Mao in the Little Red Book.

The only other notable thing about the group leading this campaign is that they have some big name and big money friends, like Eve Ensler (the Jewess who wrote the “Vagina Monologues”) and Cornell West.

Trump talking about arresting flag burners is sure to stir them up and make every day Americans hate the Judeo-globalist Left even more. But all he really has to do in the case of the RCP is wait for Chairman Bob to give his followers some revolutionary Kool-Aid as a gateway to the Cultural Revolution on the other side.

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