Ben Shapiro’s Sister has Miscarriage After Shilling the Vaxx

Abby Shapiro, sister of Ben Shapiro, has had a miscarriage after having shilled the coronavirus vaccine.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I’m not bringing this up to be nasty. I obviously have my issues with Ben Shapiro, and we’ve had a weird back-and-forth since he was shilling against Donald Trump in 2015. I’ve always attacked him for his vilification of Jesus Christ (he is Jewish). Recently, I’ve attacked him for arguing for forced vaccination.

I think Ben Shapiro is one of the worst people ever. That said, I would not wish a miscarriage on his wife, let alone his sister. I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on anyone.

Furthermore, I want to make it clear that I have no idea if there is a relationship between the vaxx and Abby Shapiro’s miscarriage.

However, like her brother, Abby Shapiro was aggressively promoting the vaxx. Here is a video from March 26 of her jokingly promoting the idea that Krispy Kreme is giving free donuts to the vaxxed. (To her credit, she says it is not a good idea to eat donuts.)

On April 1, the vaxx was available for everyone over the age of 16 in most states, and by mid-April, it was available to everyone in all states.

On May 3, Abby posted an emotional video talking about her miscarriage.

She doesn’t specify a date when she had the miscarriage, though it is reasonable to guess that she may have taken some time before talking about it publicly. However, even if she talked about it that day, the dates still make sense.

Shapiro is recently married, so she could have changed states, but she is from California. Whatever state she is living in, her first shot would have been scheduled in the second or third week of April, and her second shot in the fourth week of April or first week of May. That is to say: the dates of the miscarriage are exactly when you would expect if it was linked to the vaccine.

Shapiro is 27 and very healthy looking. Granted, 27 is past peak fertility, and women do a lot better if they get pregnant with their first child before 23 (or before 20 for that matter), but 27 is hardly old, especially if you are healthy.

In this relatively recent photo from, you can see that her calf muscles suggest she maintains a very solid gym routine:

Abby Shapiro is famous on the internet for her very large breasts (a sign of good fertility), but it should also be noted that she has a very good hip-to-waist ratio. Although she dresses modestly, being an ultra or super orthodox Jew, there are several images in the gallery that show her wide hips.

I note this to make it clear: she is close to ideal fertility, basically.

So, although all things being equal, there is roughly a 12% chance of a 27-year-old woman having her first child having a miscarriage, Abby’s chances would have been much lower than that, due to her peak health and physical fitness.

If you look at that rate of 12%, then consider the fact that 45% of women aged 27 have clinical obesity, and consider that obesity is tied to (a potentially very high) increase in rate of miscarriage, and that women who are obese have many other health complications which are measured separately, you have a situation where Abby Shapiro’s statistical chances of randomly having a miscarriage were probably less than 1/25.

So, just to be 100% clear: it is absolutely not impossible that the miscarriage is completely unrelated to the vaxx. If she did receive the vaxx, as her videos imply, it would be a strange coincidence. But it is not impossible. This is the same thing I said with Dan Kaminksy: maybe he just died randomly for no reason at the age of 42 just days after receiving the vaxx. Unlikely coincidences are not impossible. However, the more the coincidences stack up in a pattern, the less likely it is that they are all coincidences.

This is not a “conspiracy theory.” I am not asserting that Abby’s miscarriage was caused by the vaxx. I am simply saying that based on the evidence we have, there seems to be a significant likelihood that it was.

The problem we are facing is that the government outright refuses to keep any form of data on the adverse effects of this vaccine, other than allowing people to report to the VAERS system, which as we’ve explained here often, is not a very useful system.


Therefore, beyond reading through VAERS, we are left only with the ability to look at our own lives, and the lives of people we know, and to follow public figures to see what the effects of these vaccines are.

Abby Shapiro publicly promoted the vaccine, then she publicly discussed her miscarriage, so it cannot be claimed I’m invading anyone’s privacy here or being cruel. I am trying very hard to not be cruel.

So, Ben: don’t go out there and claim I attacked your sister (who, for the record, appears to be a very nice person). I’m being very polite here, and I am actually being genuine – the vaccine poses a bigger risk than anything else I’ve ever disagreed with Ben Shapiro on (other than the Jesus thing, obviously, though that is a bit different). The dangers of this vaxx are not political. This is an existential threat to all people.

Maybe, Ben, instead of accusing me of attacking you and targeting you as you always do – even when I’m obviously being hyperbolic – you should instead talk to your sister about whether or not she thinks there is a link between the vaxx and her miscarriage. You and your wife probably already got the vaxx, but imagine that you are advising millions of people (who are not all worthless goyim slaves, by the way!), and also imagine that at some point in the future, the Biden Government is going to demand that you vaxx your own babies, and that this could lead to very bad outcomes.

If there was ever a single thing that even Andrew Anglin and Ben Shapiro should be able to agree on, it is that this vaxx is dangerous to families. It is much more dangerous than a flu virus with a 99.98% survival rate, and a 100% survival rate for people like Abby, who are young and healthy.

Don’t say I attacked you and your sister, Ben! I’m being very polite here and you know it! Think about the fact they are going to tell you to vaxx your children, Ben! This is not simply an issue of worthless goyim slaves getting poisoned, Ben! If there was ever a situation where Jews and goyim are in it together, it is this vaxx situation!

We can agree on this now, and then decide later whether or not all nations must bow before the Jewish nation in servitude! No one is going to be bowing down in servitude to anyone if we’re vaxxed to death, Ben!

This is not a goyish ruse, Ben!


Ask Abby about the vaxx dates, then tell the people the truth of these dangers. I swear I will not go around gloating if you change your position on this. I will, in fact, salute you for it.