Ben “Pizzagate” Swann Is Back! But He Just Got Fired From CBS…

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2018

Ben Swann was doing God’s work in bringing normies up to speed on the dastardly schemes of Jewish pedo elites.

That’s why they had to shut him down.

Activist Post:

On Friday, award-winning journalist Ben Swann was suspended as the evening anchor for CBS46 in Atlanta. Only hours before the suspension Swann had released a new video – his first independent video since January 2017 – announcing his impending return to the independent/alternative news arena.

Does Ben’s name sound familiar? It should because a year ago, he was the only MSM journalist actually talking about Pizzagate. He disappeared soon after, on the same date as today actually. February 1st.

Swann “went dark” on February 1, 2017 as his social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere were suddenly deactivated. Swann is a well-known local journalist at CBS46 in Atlanta, as well as a viral Internet sensation for his Reality Check investigative reports. Swann’s Reality Check reports began to garner attention around the 2012 U.S. election and have continued to gain millions of views while questioning the mainstream narrative.

Prior to his disappearance, Swann had been under attack by much of the corporate media for his now notorious Reality Check segment on the controversial Pizzagate theory. During the segment, Swann draws attention to what he sees as curious aspects of the theory which warrant further attention. Swann was immediately attacked by The Daily Beast (going so far as to place a tin-foil hat on the journalist), the Inquisitr, and many other publications. CBS46 initially defended Ben Swann’s reporting, but later appeared to take the blame for allowing the report to air.

Above is the segment that he did.

It was breddy gud/10.

Ben really did a number on them when he decided to go full Rambo on this story.

And now he has a chance to go fully independent.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see what else Ben Swann can dig up about the pedophile satanic shabbos goys and jews that rule over us.

Establishment media is dying and he has the chance to go his own way.

He could be like the non-THOT high energy version of Lauren Southern. If he does, we gotta support our man.