Belligerent With Beardson: Antifa Coulter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2017

When the leader of the Alt-Right speaks, people listen.

And yes, after beating Richard Spencer – to death – in a cage match last weekend (COMPLETELY BANNED FROM THE INTERNET BTW), he is officially the leader of the Alt-Right.

Technically, however, this is a totally irrelevant position, given that we now have a PROPHET OF WHITE SHARIA called Nathan Damigo who is bringing down to us the sacred word of the divine lolfrog.

So basically, due to the way events unfolded, Beardson killing Richard Spencer to become the leader of the Alt-Right is sort of like when that Filipino karaoke singer slit Steve Perry’s throat while he was passed out on a couch and became the lead singer of Journey.

It’s like yeah dude you killed someone to become the something of something, but no someone is really thinking about that something because they were way into some other thing.

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