Belle Delphine’s Personal Issues are Not Worse Than Anyone Else’s

After British porn artist Belle Delphine released previews of a violent rape porno she’d filmed for her OnlyFans account, there was a lot of backlash on the internet from various social justice advocates who claimed that she was “glorifying rape.”

It obviously was “glorifying rape” (whatever you might take that to mean, the statement taken straightforwardly is self-evidently true). Delphine labeled the preview for the porno “my perfect first date.”

The “problematic” nature of this porno was compounded, the social fighters said, by the fact that she was dolled up to look like a 12-year-old (despite the fact that the keen observer could notice some veins on her legs that a 12-year-old would not have).

The first thing to grasp is that none of these critics are critics of pornography in general, they were simply criticizing the idea of a porno that featured a girl, pretending to be very young, being violently forced into sex by an older man.

I would like to just make it clear: the people claiming that Delphine is more mentally unsound than the average Western woman, or that the men masturbating to this are more mentally unsound than the average masturbators, is false.

Both modern men and women are sexually deranged, but it is not because they view sex as an act of dominance by a man over a woman. Sex is an act of a male dominating a female. It is the basic order of nature.

Please watch any mammal mating video on YouTube.

We have natural sexual drives. The sexual drive of the female is to make herself available to the male, to signal her willingness and fertility to the male, and to convince the male to grab her and inseminate her. That is the fundamental biological reality that we are dealing with as mammals. This doesn’t go away because you drive a car, live in a high-rise and play on a smartphone.

Obviously, within a civilization, you cannot tolerate this kind of behavior. Not even in primitive tribes did they tolerate this kind of behavior, outside of places like West Africa and among the Aboriginals of Australia. Probably the biggest part of the development of civilization itself involves the creation of taboos around sex. What the Jews did, in their “critique” of civilization, was argue for the removal of thousands of years of sexual taboos, so you are now witnessing the animal nature of man laid bare.

This animal nature of man is embodied in the Belle Delphine rape images, and that is why they are bothering people. But none of the bothered people understand why they are bothered, because according to every ideological norm of our society, there should be nothing wrong with a woman dressing up like a little girl and staging a rape fantasy.

The ability to destroy our sexual taboos without civilization collapsing immediately and just outright leading to a Mad Max type scenario was made possible by several modern inventions:

  • Condoms
  • Birth control pills
  • Safe abortion

(Note that in the 1920s, the Jews tried this “sexual revolution” business on a limited scale among the lower middle class in Western urban areas, and it just turned into a total disaster of fatherless children being raised in group homes, and people were like “we can’t tolerate this situation, this is going to lead to total social collapse.”)

The process of destroying these ancient taboos took time, of course. Even when I was in school, there was still at least a vague idea that a teenage couple that was involved sexually should be looking forward to marriage. That idea is now gone, and the female reigns supreme. She is able to choose whatever sexual partner she wishes, whenever she wishes. And, as in the gorilla video above, this typically involves teasing lesser males, to create interest by the targeted alpha male, who will then rush the bitch and have his way with her.

In the 2010s, this involved a woman in a social circle targeting lesser value males, flirting with them in front of the higher value male, so that the higher value male would take interest in her and approach her. Again: just basically exactly what happened in that gorilla video above.

In the current year, women have streamlined this process even further using technology. What women do is create followings online, posting pictures of themselves naked or in various states of undress. This causes the lesser males to gather around and send them money, while the women attempt to garner attention from the higher value males. Basically, women create these Instagram and OnlyFans profiles, making a lot of money in the process, while advertising themselves to high value males. Once they get big followings, rappers or Arabian princes (and maybe occasionally a white guy, but it is difficult for a white man to maintain any social value at all in modern society – separate issue) will slide into their DMs, and give them the opportunity to come get fucked by the big boss alpha.

You’ve created a paradise for women, and a kind of hell for men, where the woman is able to strive (without much special effort) to get sex from the top level males, while the average male (and increasingly, the above average male) is left masturbating on the internet.

This is all the epitome of barbarism, as being a core animal drive, sexuality is naturally barbaric (which is why putting restraints on it was at the core of the concept of civilization).

Obviously, within this barbaric female sexual fantasy world, you are going to witness sexual atavism. Obviously, the Belle Delphine rape porno is pure sexual atavism.

The reason that people are getting upset about it is that none of the true believers in sexual utopianism want to come face-to-face with the real implications of the sexual revolution that was forced on us. They don’t want to look at Belle Delphine’s rape fantasy, because they want to believe in the sexual revolution as was advertised. They don’t want to believe that we’ve devolved to the level of animals, through the breaking of these taboos.

How was the sexual revolution advertised?

In order to understand the sexual revolution, we need to look at the Jews. I say “Jews” here in the strictest sense – excluding Alfred Kinsey, who was just a standard perverted lunatic who was groomed and promoted as a genius by Jews, everyone involved in formulating the sexual revolution plot was ethnically Jewish with a strong Jewish identity, and framed their sexual revolution as an attack on Christianity and “fascism.” In the writings of the Frankfurt School, these Jews stated that their explicit purpose in deconstructing sexual taboos was to collapse the family, as they viewed strong patriarchal families as the root of “the Hitler problem.”)

If you want to know more about all of that, you can read Frankfurt fellow Herbert Marcuse’s “Eros and Civilization.” You can also try to read Frankfurt fellow Theodor Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality,” though I have frankly found the book almost impenetrable (there are various summaries available). The concept you will find throughout is that there is a strong Jewish identity, and that their drive to break down sexual norms was very closely related to their Judaism. Much of this is covered in Kevin MacDonald’s book “Culture of Critique,” which contains most of the money quotes regarding the Jewish nature of this weird sexual agenda.

Another German Jew you will want to examine is Wilhelm Reich, who believed that masturbation created a magical energy. Like the members of the Frankfurt School, he viewed “fascism” as a phenomenon caused by the sexual repression of the goyim, expounding on this view in a book called “The Mass Psychology of Fascism.” He spent his life mourning the fact that Joseph Stalin put the kibosh on early Bolshevik attempts at sexual revolution. In his book “The Sexual Revolution,” he attributed every problem that the Soviet Union faced to Stalin’s refusal to embrace free love. Reich attempted to use this masturbation energy to cure disease. He would have people sit naked in a box while he masturbated. He then tried to use masturbation energy to cure childhood disease, and many of the children reported – shockingly – to have been sexually abused while in the program. Later in his life, he claimed that he could masturbate into a tube and use it to change the weather (which, to be fair, is not really any less kooky than modern climate change science). Despite all of this weird stuff – all of which you can read about on Reich’s Wikipedia page – he was at the time considered a serious scientist, and worked with another allegedly serious scientist named Albert Einstein. To this day, Reich’s work is cited favorably by academics working in the social sciences.

There are several other Jews you can look into, but the three I mention here were overwhelmingly influential in academia, and laid the groundwork for what would be known as “the sexual revolution.”

So, how did these Jews sell a plan, which they stated rather plainly had the purpose of destroying Christian society, to a Christian society? Well, through mass media and pop culture, of course.

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As we’ve recorded here at the Daily Stormer in much detail, the feminist movement, which stemmed directly from the work of these academic Jews, was also totally Jewish. You would be hard-pressed even today to find an established figure in the feminist movement who is not Jewish. The first feminist theorists, such as the Jew Betty Friedan, argued that women were not happy with being married and having children, and would be happier working at banks. Then you had the Jew Gloria Steinem out there marching through the streets.

These Jewish women were of course darlings of the Jewish media, and it breaks both my heart and my brain that men at the time were incapable of realizing what was happening so obviously in front of their faces. It just really feels like someone other than George Lincoln Rockwell should have been able to stand up and say, “hey, wait just a minute here – what the hell are you Jews up to?”

Despite the words that were used in the revolutionary slogans, the non-Jewish women who followed the movement understood that they were being offered the opportunity to use their sexuality to dominate men, and this idea appealed to them for obvious reasons.

Then you had the revolutions of the 1960s, fueled by drugs that were distributed and promoted largely by Jews and intelligence agencies that even at that time were largely influenced by Jews and communists. That was the big advertising push: this idea that you could just have sex with a bunch of different people, and it would be really fun, and you could be like Peter Pan and remain a child forever, just having sex and dancing around.

Then, the drug-fueled public orgies of the 1960s got out of control, and there was a correction, following this thesis-antithesis-consensus model. “Free sex” continued, but it became a situation where all the power was in the hands of women to choose who they had sex with, and they could very easily pretend that they were not having sex with whoever they were having sex with, what with the birth control pills and the abortions.

Sex with multiple partners damages the ability of women to form emotional bonds with men, and thus after the 1980s and 90s “correction” of the sexual revolution, you ended up with mass divorce, with women purposefully destroying their families in order to go off and have a fun time with some new man. This process was totally endorsed by the government, which, along the same timeline was being progressively “democratized,” i.e., infused with the Jewish social doctrine of Marxism, which had also fueled the sexual revolutions.

What you ended up with is the situation you have now, which is effectively total dominance by women, who use both sex and their superior position within the legal system to rule over men. Women might get married, they might get divorced, they might just spend their whole lives having sex with men. There are no rules. There is no system of taboos, let alone laws, that protect the family.

Donald Trump and the Backlash to the Sexual Revolution

We are now entering the third generation of Westerners who grew up without any clear notion at all of the family as a definite, solid structure. It would not be Freudian in the least to suggest that the current support you are seeing for Donald Trump, and the rage you are seeing at Donald Trump being taken from us, is an expression of sexual frustration. It is ultimately the collapse of the family that has caused all of the chaos in our society. Strong families build strong societies, and societies without families aren’t really even societies at all, any more than a pile of rocks is a cathedral.

Donald Trump is a man who you can follow as if he is your father. Despite all of his flaws, he always put out an energy that implied he knew what was going on, he was in charge, and he would take care of things. What we are seeing with the current outrage and breakdown is the shock at the fact that Donald Trump is not actually in charge. Seeing him stripped of his power is like seeing your father, who you from infancy believed was a god, breaking down and crying.

In human societies, “order” starts with “family.” That is what separates us from the chaos of the jungle apes. What everyone wants, whether they know it or not, is a return to the safety and the normalcy of the family structure, where your home was your safe home, where dad was in charge. In order for that to exist, there have to be limits on mom’s sexual drives. There have to be structures.

Just as the instinct of the Jews to destroy the family was an instinct to destroy authoritarianism, the drive to reestablish authoritarianism is a drive to reestablish the family. Because the family is safety. And it is what makes us human.

Previously, some form of authoritarianism is taken as a given. We can talk all we want about the French Revolution, but ultimately, the French Revolution ended with Napoleon being crowned Emperor of the French. There is always this drive to return to order, and order is authoritarian. The single most accurate definition of the Jew is: “a humanoid creature which is biologically driven to undermine natural systems of order.”

Every previous revolution backed by the peasants was about material resources. People thought they didn’t have enough land, food, horses, or whatever, or that they didn’t have enough autonomy over the resources that they did have. The current revolution, which we are all pushing for, is about something much more fundamental: democracy, and the liberation that it entails, have taken away our core humanity, by collapsing our most fundamental organizational structures.

The images of Belle Delphine, painted up like a 12-year-old, being tied up and raped by a man in a mask, and the unsettling emotions that is creating in some people, should be a point at which some of these people begin to ask: “what horrible thing have we done?”